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Scanning Using SMB

Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol is a network file sharing protocol used in scanning on Xerox multifunction printers

The First Step to Digital Transformation

Our print assessment uses innovative tools to identify weaknesses within your existing print environment.

Case Study: Chartwell Press

Chartwell Press invest in a brand new Xerox Versant 3100 to increase productivity and turn around times.

Managed print services contract allows you greater control of your printing, saving money and boosting productivity and efficiency in the long run. It also allows greater document security and to be more environmentally friendly.

Automate and simplify your everyday tasks, improve document security and manage information better than ever whilst getting the most of your hardware investments.

Unlock strategic value with our Centralised Print Services. The latest innovations in services and digital document technology mean your print room can evolve into a strategic communications hub.

We only offer the latest industry technology from World leading manufacturers.

We have supplied and supported businesses across the UK since 1994.

Digital Office Group

We identify resource heavy processes & workflows and design solutions around transforming them.

Shows our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and exceeding expectations.

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