The First Step to Digital Transformation

A print audit can be the first step Digital Transformation

A print audit can effectively gain an accurate understanding of a companies existing print devices, usage and costs. The discoveries of a print audit can then be used to design, present and implement a more efficient Managed Print Service. Why would you replace your print and document technology with a like for like solution without fully understanding the weaknesses with your current infrastructure?

Organisations are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, increase productivity and contribute to a greener environment. Recent surveys suggest that 54% of companies claim they have no idea of the costs associated with the current printers – often leading them to believe there is no way of to measure, control or improve it.

Xerox can help look deep into your printing environment with an accurate and timely print assessment. A print assessment is the first step to help you gain control, drive down print costs and improve productivity. The Assess and Optimize stage of Xerox Managed Print Services leverages our award-winning managed print services assessment processes and tools. Xerox Asset DB and CompleteView™ Pro turn your print data into actionable knowledge to control and drive down costs, while reducing your environmental impact. With a complete and secure analysis of your print usage and costs, we help you understand your total cost of ownership and what a more efficient print environment would look like.

You gain information and insights, including:• User Analysis—user to device ratio
• Print Comparative Analysis—compare costs of devices
• Environmental Analysis—the environmental impact of your print
• What-If Scenarios—making changes to key assumptions resulting in immediate calculations and real-time results to review important financial metrics
• A diagram of what your optimized print environment will look like

Get the picture you need to path the way forward

Secure Data Collection

We begin your print assessment by identifying an accurate total cost of ownership of your print fleet for both Xerox and non Xerox devices, by securely capturing data from your print devices. We also identify your operating and environmental details using our processes and tools with secure data communication and storage using industry standard protocols and encryption technologies.

Total Cost of Ownership – Currently

Your print data is imported and secured in Xerox Asset DB and made available for analysis in Xerox CompleteView™ Pro, providing you with a comprehensive and accurate representation of your actual current costs and floor plan—including data on environmental impact.

Print Data Analysis

Our print analysis tools identify which devices are driving up your costs—perfect for quickly identifying replacement or removal opportunities. What-if scenarios can also be performed—showing cost benefits such as shifting print volume from one device type to
another, removing high-energy-consuming devices, removing aging devices and the like.

Environmental Analysis

Our print assessment provides you with a sustainability analysis documenting your total cost of ownership and the environmental impact of your print output such as power consumption and CO2 emissions by device and site.

Illustrative Charts and Dashboards

The Xerox CompleteView™ Pro dashboards provide illustrative charts and graphs to help you visualize (and share) the costs, usage and design analysis of your print environment. This allows you to directly compare the costs, performance and utilization of all your print devices whether they are in one office or across multiple sites.

Future & Dynamic Real Time Modeling

With Xerox CompleteView™ Pro, making changes is easy—accelerating the time you experience actual cost savings. Through our tools, you immediately see the impact of optimization recommendations such as removing under-utilized and high cost printers.
Your solution is tailored to align with your print policies, creating a more efficient print environment.

To learn more about our Managed Print Services and corporate document assessments contact one of our experts today.