Papercut print management for wide format printers

Papercut Print Management Software for Wide Format Printers

Yes, its not as commonly known but PaperCut print management solutions are compatible for most brands and models of large format printer.

PaperCut is actively used in the professional markets such as graphic design, engineering and education organisations with Arts/Graphics departments. Hence supporting wide format devices is an important requirement. Popular devices we find our customers using Papercut software on are Canon, Epson, HP and Rowe.

How Papercut software works with a large format printer?

If your workplace owns or leases a plotter it is likely to be switched on or used daily, but many companies are unaware of who has used it and what documents are being printed. Without sufficient management we often find that customers are not only going purchasing copious amounts of ink – leading to huge and unnecessary costs to their business. We have also found that customers with no management system in place, pose greater risks to document security as some end users are guilty of leaving their print outs in the catcher tray and forgetting to collect them.

Track, monitor and secure your wide format printer with Papercut software

There are two Papercut options for your LFP that offer the ability to track and control:

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How Papercut Print Management can make your printer and documents secure

  • Increase printer and data security by ensuring the end user who “clicked print” is the one who is authorised to collect the document at the printer.
  • Track who’s printing what, where, when. Giving full visibility into the system activity.
  • Stamp the ownership of documents to encourage user to handle sensitive information with care even after printing.
  • Improve compliancy by designating system administrators to search and inspect print jobs.

How Papercut Software provides printing cost control

  • Monitor usage to encourage more responsible printing and preventing unnecessary waste.
  • Create budgets by allocating print costs to specific clients, projects, or departments.
  • Leverage accurate reports to see printer usage and ink consumption.

Print enablement with Papercut

  • Papercut enables users who move between office to print from a secure cloud-based driver from anywhere, at any time.
  • Remove the pain of print driver installations across all operating systems with one simple cloud-based solution.
  • Print from all major mobile and tablet operating systems with ease.
  • Set up pro-active low toner alerts to keep you ahead of the game.

Software on the device

  • Secure print release and Find-Me printing using ID cards or touchscreen. Use your devices touch screen or optional card readers to create secure print release
  • Approve or authorise end users different levels of usability

Scanning & capture with your LFP using Papercut

  • Improve productivity with “one click” scab to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and other popular cloud based document management systems
  • Single click scan to email, file or desktop locations
  • Simply find your documents with OCR that converts images into searchable text.

Keeping track of your wide format printers has never been easier, with a powerful print management tool that minimises waste, encourages responsible printing habits and improves compliance by securing all documents before, during and after printing.

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