Automatic Toner Replacement

Ensure your printer never runs out of toner again

How we can make sure your printer never runs out of toner again?

One of the biggest headaches in managing a fleet of printers, copiers and MFDs is keeping them running – and there’s nothing more avoidable than running out of toner.

How many times have you run out of toner for one of your devices in the last year? It’s especially difficult to manage internally because of how many different types of devices and toner cartridges are out there, and because you may have several different people ordering.

Automated Toner Replenishment

What if you could centralize and automate all toner purchasing so that you never ran out again and benefited from larger economies of scale? That’s what you get with our automated toner replacement service, which is part of our managed print services (MPS).
And we make sure that you only get the toner you need, when you need it so we don’t fill up your storage closets unnecessarily.

How Automated Toner Replacement Works

We thoroughly map out the location of every printer, copier and MFD in your organization and then implement software that monitors how much toner is left on each device.

Based on your printing and copying volume, this software makes a “days until empty” calculation. Once a device gets to 10-20 days until empty, we automatically ship toner to where that device is located.

Two Data Points Ensures Up-Time

Other providers may use similar software to monitor printer toner but they do not take volume into account. Instead, their programs solely calculate the amount of toner remaining in a cartridge remaining vs. print volume.

For high-volume printers, the cartridge could be out well before the toner is ordered. For low-volume printers, you could wind up with a stockpile of toner cartridges.

By monitoring both toner level and days until empty, we ensure that you never run out of toner and never have too much. And because we only use genuine Xerox Supplies you be reassured that your printer will perform reliably whilst delivering outstanding image quality.

Print Optimisation Assessment

If you’re interested in our automated toner replacement and managed print service, the best way to start is to request a print optimization assessment. Our assessment will evaluate what you need and what you could save for cost justification purposes.