Meet Omkar our sponsored IT and Cyber Security consultant from India

Digital Office have been awarded an A-rated sponsor license to help Omkar a skilled IT/Cyber Security consultant from India receive his skilled working visa. You can now find us on the Register of Worker licensed sponsors.

Company Secretary Liz McPhillips has been the authorising officer who is responsible with staying compliant and liaising with the Home Office to maintain our A-rated license.

Since joining us last year Omkar has been a great addition to our team and more importantly the IT department, bringing unique ideas and knowledge from his experience working in a programming background in India and completing his Masters degree in Cyber Security at Leicester University. We feel very lucky to have such a fantastic individual become part of the Digital Office family!

Q&A with Omkar our IT Consultant

Where are you from in India – let us know what it’s like?

I am from Pune city in Maharashtra state in India, Pune is known for its Marathi culture and ethos also mainly Pune is famous in India as a cyber hub because of the IT hubs present there, also it is widely known for its education sector and unity in diversity. Also, Pune is ranked 2nd as best city to live in India, Pune is modern in terms of everything but still holds its cultural roots, Nice greenery, temples, and forts are present in Pune which makes it rich in the sense of historic properties.

When did you move to the UK?

I did my engineering in computer science after that worked for IBM as a software engineer then decided to do Masters so to pursue my master’s degree in cyber security and management I came to the UK in September 2018.

Tell us a little bit about your sponsorship and how it works.

To sponsor a person for a skilled worker visa company needs to have a Class A Sponsorship licence, so the company needs be to eligible for it and then apply for the licence, once the company gets the licence, the company can generate a sponsorship letter on the name of employee and then the employee can apply for skilled worker visa.

What is your role for the Digital office group? What do you like most about your job?

Currently, I am working as an IT analyst, I like most about my job is interacting with new technologies and getting to know more about them investigating the issues and mitigating them and knowing about different client’s technical networks also in meantime learning about cyber security and understanding how we can implement it in the company and how it can benefit our customers and our company.

When did you join the company?

I Joined in June 2022

How was your recent trip to India- what did you do whilst you were there?

The trip was good I met all of my friends after a long time, mostly spent my time with my Parents as my visit was after long almost 3 years, then we had get together with relatives and cousins, and enjoyed the Marathi cuisine. Travelled to a few places.

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