Proud to partner with Hope Against Cancer!

A long term commitment to supporting a Leicester based Cancer research charity!

Digital Office Group and Insite Business Technology are proud to announce our recent partnership with HOPE Against Cancer, a charity that has been relentlessly battling cancer for the last 20 years.

Since starting in 2003 this amazing charity have funded over 100 original research projects in partnership with hospitals and universities based here in Leicester. The charity has funded the opening of a world class Hope Centre which has hosted over 30,000 patient attendances since 2012, conducting potentially lifesaving and changing treatments. One core aim of the charity is help fund research conducted by some of the best Cancer specialists in the UK, who are fighting an ongoing battle to develop new life saving treatments that can benefit communities across the world.

This partnership is a long-term commitment to supporting a cause inspired by the loss of friends and family at the hands of this dreadful illness. Our aim to support HOPE Against Cancer in every way we can, contributing towards their noble cause through various donation and fundraising activities over the end of this year and into the next!