iXware Scanning Server

iXware perfect for digital workflow management

iXware Scanning Server provides complete freedom in supporting your business processes to integrate paper documents into your digital workflow. iXware Scanning turns your MFP into the initiator for digital workflow and makes it truly multifunctional with the power and capability of the iXware solution.

Easy to store

Walk up to your device, choose an appropriate template from the iXware client, answer the query as defined by your organisation and iXware will OCR the document and archive it digitally as a text searchable PDF on your network or in your business application for storage.

Easy retrieval

iXware stores the documents as text searchable PDF files and other document formats meaning you can use Acrobat Reader or any desktop search engine to find the correct document. Search using metadata such as the answers to the questions entered at the time of scanning, or search by content. A supplier name, customer reference, an address field or an amount. All of these factors can help you find the right document.

Easy integration

iXware’s open standards allow it to integrate with any business application without the need of a connector. iXware Scanning gets your documents where and how you need them.

Easy configuration

The scanning template provides complete freedom to support your business processes. Templates are flexible to create and edit. Simply create the relevant queries for the user to answer. Answers can be numerically or alphabetically inputted or selected from a database on the Xerox device.

Easily expanded

This solution can be easily expanded with other iXware modules.

iXware Scanning Server