• ECM Platform

    DocuShare is one of the most flexible, easy-to-use content management platforms on the market today. It manages a wide range of paper and digital content and automates your business processes.

Enterprise Content Management Platform: DocuShare 7.0

Xerox® DocuShare® is recognised as one of the most flexible, easy, cost-effective enterprise content management platforms available today.

DocuShare’s Web-based ECM platform helps thousands of small, mid-sized and large organisations:

  • Easily capture, share, and manage business-critical information
  • Provide immediate, secure access to documents, images, and other content
  • Reduce document processing costs by automating business process workflows
  • Improve operational efficiency by converting paper repositories into searchable digital archives
  • Meet sustainability goals while increasing ROI
  • Efficiently maintain compliance throughout the document’s lifecycle with security and auditing

DocuShare scales to tens of millions of documents and can support tens of thousands of users every day.

Versions for SMB and Enterprise

DocuShare Enterprise

Delivers scalability and performance ideal for organizations with millions of documents and thousands of users, both employees and external stakeholders, who may share thousands of documents across the enterprise each day.

DocuShare Express

Designed to fit the needs of small to mid-sized businesses or departments, DocuShare Express provides many of the same proven features of the ECM platform at a very affordable price.

DocuShare Private Cloud

ECM productivity for your organisation in days

Today’s workers have access to many free cloud services. Unfortunately, your organization’s critical business files are at risk when workers store them into un-monitored, unsecured cloud file shares. You need a simple, protected and easy way to share, access, and manage information in the cloud. DocuShare Private Cloud Service offers organizations all the benefits of ECM and automation, in the cloud. It provides secure, quickly implemented and easy on-line collaboration with customers, partners, and the public, with seamless mobile access for a digital workforce.

DocuShare Mobile

The work place is going mobile, now your content can

Mobile access to your business documents, and to Internet-published documents and records, is increasingly critical. DocuShare mobile capabilities let you capture, manage, retrieve and distribute content from a mobile device, using secure protocols, no matter where work takes you.

With DocuShare 7, multi-browser support allows work across mobile tablets and other platforms. You can also get free, downloadable mobile apps for iOS and Android to access content on a mobile device. With Xerox Process Automation, use mobile E-forms to capture data and automate processes like on-boarding, registration and expense reports.

ConnectKey for DocuShare

Easy, intuitive scanning directly to business processes

Xerox ConnectKey for DocuShare is a highly productive scanning solution that is easy to set up and use. It’s just what you need for capturing your documents from Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs) to business workflows, whether they’re deployed on your organization’s DocuShare server or on a secure Xerox DocuShare Private Cloud. Key capabilities:

  • Simple one-button scanning to DocuShare, on-site or in the cloud
  • Scan into an automated process for document review, approval or retention
  • Pull data from a corporate database at the MFP to include as metadata
  • Authenticate with a swipe of your secure card

Xerox Scanning App for DocuShare

ConnectKey App provides a simple start

ConnectKey Apps extend the capability of Xerox MFPs. They are lightweight solutions you can download easily to your ConnectKey-enabled MFP. The Xerox Scanning App for DocuShare lets you easily scan documents from your MFP to your personal DocuShare collection, and provides instant access to up-to-date material.

Enterprise Capture for DocuShare

Fully Automate your capture to digital workflows

Enterprise Capture is a service for integrating imaging and capture into a DocuShare solution to eliminate paper, increase productivity and cut costs. The solution is ideal for paper-intensive transaction processing in virtually any industry, supporting case management, claims processing, accounts payable and more. The offering enables capture of paper and digital documents and forms, with intelligent data extraction to analyze the document, automate surrounding processes and share extracted data with back-end systems.

DocuShare Drive

Optional client for seamless desktop integration

DocuShare Drive offers seamless access to DocuShare directly from a Microsoft Windows desktop, Microsoft Office, or any PC application. Once installed it appears on a desktop like any networked drive,

  • Drag and drop files and folders between your PC and DocuShare, routinely and instantly
  • Use the Open, Save and Save As menus in Windows applications with DocuShare
  • Perform search, upload, check-in/out, and other key DocuShare activities in Windows

Process Automation

Xerox Process Automation – BPM and eForms

Augmenting DocuShare’s core workflow, Xerox Process Automation is an advanced business process management (BPM) toolset for sophisticated workflows to support all your organization’s process needs. Tools include graphical process modeling, business activity monitoring and electronic forms (eForms) to collect information over the Web and reduce data errors. Learn more.

DocuShare Life cycle Manager

There’s nothing more important than assuring that a business’s critical information is kept updated. Automating document lifecycle and retention policies simplifies this process, supporting audits. The Lifecycle Manager streamlines the review of business documents to meet compliance guidelines.

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