Wide Format Inkjet Printers

Digital Office are a trusted provider for all Wide Format Printer solutions. We offer a range of large format equipment that ensures professional results for your business. Large format printers are capable of printing on a larger scale than your every day office printer, these devices feed paper from 2 feet wide up to 15 feet. Typically, wide format printers feed A1 – A0 media sizes.

Many of the devices are fed by roll with widths remaining at A1 or A0, however the output can also run in to meters. Wide format printer systems are ideal for any business looking to print posters, banners, wallpaper, vehicle wraps, construction blueprints, architectural drawings and canvasses. Due to the various media capabilities, Wide format devices are extremely versatile. With printing options such as photo paper, technical papers and coated papers.

Who uses Large Format Printers?

Printing on any media larger than A3 requires a wide format printer. This type of printer is often found in architectural and engineering sites as well as map producers, graphic design studios, production printers, schools and high educational art & design departments.

We always commit to partnering with world leading manufacturer’s regardless of the print requirement. The brands that we sell are the best in the industry which ensures a full optimisation for your business.

Digital Office are a sole supplier of German manufacturer ROWE, a leading specialist in large format solutions, both scanning, printing, folding and finishing.

Wide Format Printer for Architectural Drawings

Wide Format Printer for Architectural Drawings

What Can a Wide Format Printer Be Used For?

Wide format printers are generally used to print large scale items such as site hoardings, large print banners, large posters, trade show graphics, wallpaper, murals, vehicle wraps, architectural drawings, construction plans, and any other large format artwork or signage.