Wide Format Plotter Printer

The chances are you may already know what a Wide Format Plotter Printer is and what kind of industries tend to make best use of them. However, for the purpose of this introduction we wanted to highlight how a Plotter works, to give you an idea of whether your business would benefit from this digital office service.

The name tends to give it away a little bit, as the Plotter Printer essentially plots marks onto a page using a pencil or a pen which gives an accurate and clear measurement, when compared to a standard printer that uses toner, which can cause lines or marks to appear inaccurate and unclear.

A Wide Format Plotter Printer also has the unique ability to be able to print on many types of material and isn’t just isolated to paper or card. For example, you can print on plastics, metals and soft wood.

What Industry Types Use These Printers?

Due to the nature of Plotter Printers focusing on detail and accuracy, they are ideal for the construction & precision engineering industries, particularly with architects who require a certain level of accuracy for blueprints and design work.

What Industry Types Use These Printers

Wide Format Plotter Printer Leasing Services

Is it time to upgrade your technology and trade in your outdated standard printer for a better spec’d Plotter Printer?

If you are nodding your head to this then we can help you obtain a printer and guide you through the process of leasing one. We will first be able to tell you the different types of Plotter Printer on the market, along with the monthly leasing costs associated with each of them. To find out more about our printer and photcopier leasing services, get in touch today and we will help you find the right Plotter Printer, to meet your requirements.

If you need a quote on any of our wide format range then contact us today.