Umango Scanning Solutions

Applications that are powerful, easy to integrate, configure and use

With connectivity to Microsoft SharePoint, HP Trim, Alfresco and other solutions, this solutions provides a powerful platform to build your document imaging requirements. The ability to quickly and accurately process your documents allow your company to access the information readily.

What Umango can do for you

Extract Data

Umango Extract is a batch scanning application that delivers efficiency in scanning, indexing, naming and storing your documents. Documents can be scanned from compatible MFD’s, scanners or network folders. Data can then be extracted and profiled at a supported Multifunctional device or PC. After capturing the data or document it can be routed to a range of other office products.

Using extraction tools including OMR, Zonal OCR, barcodes, keywords, Lasso OCR, documents are easily indexed, named and stored for future access. Umango creates a directory based on document index values and export in various formats including TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or text searchable PDF.

If you use a database or document management system Umango exports the document indexing data directly.

Document Conversion Formats

Umango convert is a document conversion tool that rinds as a Windows Service. Documents start at the MFP, email attachment or network folder and can be converted into a range of formats.

Convert offers automated conversion to a wide range of file formats into one unified file name and file format without the need of user intervention. Following conversion, separation and cleaning, documents are routed to multiple destinations simultaneously.

At the Printer

Have the ability to scan numerous documents and separate them based on a fixed number, unique word, barcode or Umango document separators. This automatic form of document separation allows the scanning of large volumes of documents all at the convenience of your photocopier. You can also create business rules that determine what information will be displayed at the device for checking and what will be read and saved.

This software takes a standard office device to a new level for scanning and dynamically using information.