Scanning and Workflow

Store, distribute and share documents more securely and efficiently with a workflow solution that increases your productivity.

Scanning turns conventional paper documents into a digital format, enabling your workforce to store and access them securely from any device. By simplifying the sharing of files through applying the right scanning solution. You can turn the manual handling of documents into a seamless, accurate and productive process that reduces the need for physical storage space. Along with ensuring your business is complying with the correct data regulations particularly important with the changes in GDPR.

Some scanning abilities include turning scanned documents into editable Word or Excel files, creating text searchable PDF’s and the ability to scan document into the language you require.

Umango Scanning Software

Umango is a global leader in document scanning, file conversion and imaging software that powers organisations of all sizes with a range of flexible solutions. This application helps turn large amounts of documents into data you can use. With connectivity to products including Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco and many other platforms, this software will speed up the processing of all your documents.

The iXware Scanning server streamlines processes by converting paper into digital workflows. Allowing staff to scan and convert documents into PDF’s, text searchable PDF’s or multiple page TIF files. Documents are then able to be stored in business applications or on the network for easy access from any PC.

Remove errors surrounding physical document handling with Nuance AutoStore, a server based application. Simplify the capture and secure the delivery of paper and digital documents including claim forms, invoices and order forms. AutoStore is designed to automate document driven processes for any business – helping to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. It also encourages the meeting of new data compliance regulations.

Keep your business moving with Nuance eCopy. Whether its staff collaborating internally or with external 3rd parties, employees can use the MFD to access documents in the office, on their smartphone or tablet when ever they need to. Documents can also be captured or archived securely on personal devices without the risk of data loss.