• Quantum Jump in Wide Format Scanning

    The new Rowe Scan 850i Wide Format Scanner.

Lead through innovation

The wide format scanner ROWE Scan 850i with its 6 models and future-proof technology stands for unbelievable innovation, productivity and numerous patents. Take a look at this brochure for a glimpse of the technical highlights and unique features.

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Rowe Safe Guard, Rowe Safe Drive and Rowe Document Improvement System

Rowe technologies Rowe Safe Guard, Rowe Safe Drive and Rowe Document Improvement System the new Rowe Scan 850i protects your original like no other scanner before.

Rowe Safe Guard

You want to protect your valuable documents in the best way during the scan? The media transport technology, a new development by ROWE, immediately ensures that even old, torn or extremely wavy originals are transported in the best possible way and protected. Simply safe – typical ROWE.

Rowe Safe Drive

Further, at the push of a button the speed can be reduced, e.g. for even greater protection of documents.

Rowe Document Improvement System

With the new ROWE DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM you optimize your scan-workflow: After scanning, can brightness, contrast or color for example be adjusted without re-scanning the document? No problem, with the ROWE DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM from ROWE. All changes will be immediately displayed in the viewer.

Unique, Patented Technology for the best scan quality.

ROWE ScanMatrix+ consists of several digital core components. A new scan quality dimension is achieved by their interaction. Simply superior. Simply ROWE.

Rowe Dynamic Stitching

ROWE engineers have achieved a groundbreaking innovation: excellent scans, even when the document is folded or thin. The patented ROWE DYNAMIC STITCHING continuously controls the scanned document data of each sensor and sets them together in real time. Any deviations that may occur are corrected automatically. Compare the difference.

Rowe Selected True Light

The Scan Sensor Technology used for the first time in the ROWE Scan 850i means the lighting of the originals is exceptionally homogenous. This is achieved by the optimal alignment of the lighting angle to the sensor. Together with the ROWE double lens technology, this produces excellent scanning results.

Rowe Pro Logic

The superior document enhancement technology from ROWE for copying and scanning with the “green button”. It ensures that imperfect originals, even those with poor contrast, are turned into perfect scans at the first attempt. This simple job with the “green button” saves valuable time and test scans. Faulty copies are a Standard scanner ROWE Scan 450i thing of the past.

2400 x 1200 dpi

The optical resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi (maximum resolution 9600 dpi) means the smallest details are visible. Your competitive edge in large format scanning.

Capture Superb Colors

The ROWE Scan 850i supports not only the standard sRGB color space but also user defined color spaces like Adobe RGB or Device RGB.

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