Document Management

Cloud Systems

A document is defined as “recorded information or an object which can be treated as a unit”. Document management is often referred to as DMS. Uses computer systems and software’s to store, track and managed documents and images.

Management systems range in size and scope. From standalone systems to large scale enterprise configurations serving a global audience. Management systems incorporate standard physical and electronic filing practices.

Electronically managing your files offers huge benefits to your business. Reducing paper waste, increased document security and further efficient processes are all achievable through this. Digital Office management systems can track, store and help eradicate rigorous resource filing systems.

Many businesses have found limitations with management systems such as controlling access, storage and retrieval from the cloud based platform. Nevertheless, developments in cloud document solutions has been considerable. Offering businesses to acquire more online storage and easier access to documents when needed.

Accessibility was a huge benefit to many companies. Now improvements in security has removed the need for businesses to keep unnecessary physical records of their documents. Online cloud storage can save any business time, valuable office space, and resources in document handling.

Why use DMS?

Digital Office’s cloud provides the following benefits:

• Storage location
• Security and access control
• Audit trails
• Document scanning into the cloud
• Print directly from the cloud
• Log into your account and print from any device
• Combine cloud technology with mobile print