Print Audit

Are you in control of your print costs?

Many businesses underestimate the total cost of their existing print set up. Digital Office will audit your current print technology and identify inefficiencies within your workflow.

The first stage of our audit will require one of our experts to investigate your costs so that we can explore future strategies.

An audit can be conducted over the phone, via email or a physical site visit to view your current printer(s) to determine what devices you use for document output.

Our document assessment will establish:

  • All devices used to print
  • The volume of each device
  • The cost of documents produced by each device
  • How much you are spending on a monthly/quarterly basis
  • Colour to mono print ratio
  • Cost and frequency of purchasing consumables such as toner, ink, paper and other supplies
  • Departments who produce the most print
  • Critical documents produced
  • Key user features
  • Areas for improvement

The above will contribute to devising a managed print strategy tailored to your requirement. The accuracy of the information is crucial as this is what will be used to form any proposed effective solution.

Since 20% of printed documents are wasted our aim is that you gain control and visibility of printing within your organisation. Consequently, saving you money, boosting productivity along with additional benefits such as improving document security, reducing wastage and improving environmental sustainability.

In some cases Digital Office have saves business up to 30% on the cost of their document output.

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