Managed Print Services

What is Managed Print Services? (MPS)

Many companies do not understand the cost of their printing. Using managed print service helps our customers gain visibility and control of their print. Many companies are uninformed of the operational cost of running their printers. Implementing a managed solution can support your business in a number of ways.

Managed Print Savings

Effective managed print solutions have been proven to save organisations up to 30% on document output. Often businesses do not take advantage of the substantial savings MPS can bring.

The first stage of the managed service is to examine your existing set-up. This includes all devices used and usage of these throughout your company. From the results we can then propose a relevant solution to your business needs.

Managed Print Service

Digital Office Systems develop Managed Services that support all business growth. Our programmes are designed around your core business requirements. They are designed to optimise your technology whilst reducing overall costs.

Managed print allows us to constantly monitor your infrastructure ensuring our support keeps you up and running with minimal downtime. Overall, our managed services do all the hard work for you. From automated toner supplies and meter reading to consolidating billing.

Advantages to Remote Services

We offer you a management system that minimises risk of equipment down time. The system we use  monitors and services all devices on a national level. Ensuring toner is delivered on time and meter readings are accurately recorded.

Remote Services reduces the time providing meter readings and toner for equipment on the network. This is achieved through:

AMR (Automated Meter Reads) – Automates collection of meter reads ensuring accurate billing.
ASR (Automated Supplies Replenishment) – Automates supplies of ink and toner without involving you in the ordering process. Your device notifies us when you need more consumables.

Managed Print Software

Digital Office are partnered with various print management software brands such as Equitrac and Papercut. These are used to offer businesses in any industry considerable reductions in cost and waste. These software solutions track usage throughout departments, offices and individual employees. Providing you an insight into usage costs, environmental impact and budgets.

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