Financing Your Solution

The nature of your financial objectives will determine whether you buy or lease your technology. Some organisations still purchase devices with cash and have separate service or consumable expenditure. Whilst others are straying away from having assets listed on the balance sheet.

Is your business looking at purchasing or leasing print technology? Before any decision is made there are certain areas to consider. Purchasing a printer outright can often be a huge outright expense. Prices ranging from a few hundred pounds up to tens of thousands of pounds.

Outright purchasing is not a cost-effective way of funding your printer. Hence why many businesses utilise the leasing option. Leasing your technology from Digital Office avoids all up-front costs and additional expenditure such as machine breakdowns. Your lease will be in tandem with a Managed Print Service contract. This covers delivery, training, service maintenance and consumables.

How A Lease Works

Leasing printers often spreads your costs over a 3 to 5-year period. However depending on your needs other fix terms can be discussed. Your payments will be fixed amounts either monthly or quarterly over the term.

Financing your printer can offer benefits to businesses regardless of size. Digital Office partner with a number of SME’s and large corporates who all take advantage of leasing their solution.

Digital Office work with a variety of major finance companies that specialise in leasing printers. Meaning we can always meet your individual business financial requirements.