Papercut is a powerful print management solution that manages your print hassle free. From tracking and monitoring print jobs to integrating BYOD printing or advanced customer job management.  We can implement Papercut into your business within minutes.

Papercut comes with two optionspapercut-mf-logo-large-1papecut-ng-logo

NG is used by more than 50,000 business globally. This application has 5 keys ways of managing your print:

  • Track who is printing what.
  • Change user behaviour.
  • Assign quotas or budgets.
  • Increase document security.
  • Simplify mobile and BYOD printing.

Operational tools to empower your users

  • Customizable web interface to help educate end-users. Ideal for students to monitor their spending, or staff to keep track of their paper consumption.
  • An option that presents the end-user with an environmental impact to encourage them to change printing behaviour through awareness. 
  • Popup alerts around printing – maybe a simple prompt allocated to costs within a department or a more active alert to discourage unnecessary printouts. 

MF extends the power of Papercut using MFD embedded software and hardware integration providing full control of print, copy, scan and fax.

  • Track all activity.
  • Find-Me Printing – Print to a single global queue, walk up and collect at any device.
  • Secure print release – Ensure sensitive documents don’t print out until the user is there to collect.
  • Secure your MFP – Prevent any unapproved usage, validate access with swipe cards or device login.
  • Administer centrally, manage easily – Get full visibility of the device from anywhere with browser based admin tools.

Plus more…

  • Integrates with your device – Embedded software works directly with your MFD panel.
  • Start saving – Change user behaviour with print policies and cost control.
  • One license – One purchase, all inclusive. Add more devices as your business grows. 

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