Cost Control

 Print cost control

In today’s eco-friendly environment, keeping your printing costs to a minimum is essential. Printer cost control will reduce the amount of paper you use by eliminating unnecessary print out-put not being collected from the device or inadvertently picked up by another person. It also allows the setting of limits, be it colour, black and white or allocation of limits on the amount each user/group can print

Digital Office managed services enable any business to cost effectively produce documents. Our sales professionals take the time to examine your operations and identify areas where expenditure may be high. With the results we can propose a tailored solution to your business which aims to minimise costs and keep you in control.

DOS offer an extensive range of print management software helping you to reduce waste and expense. Our solutions allow businesses to centralise print control. The software encourages users to consider their printing habits. Reports can also be produced to show breakdowns from users or departments. The software leaves users with the option to abandon and delete print jobs that have been sent by mistake.

FollowMe from Ringdale and PaperCut are the software brands we work with. Both can be configured for small workgroups up to enterprise businesses. Along Cost control also increases your document security as documents will only be released and retrieved at your request.

Gain full control of your print expenditure and gain insights to precisely how much documents cost to produce. Our scope of solutions saves companies up to 40% on their print costs. We ensure all of our solutions improve your print infrastructure.
Digital Office supply an extensive range of devices from world leading manufacturers. Our experts are trained to increase your workflow whilst reducing your costs.

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