IT Services

IT Support

Digital Office understand the time and monetary costs associated with IT in every business. It is vital that every business has the appropriate infrastructure, technology and IT solution that will support the objectives of the organisation. We understand that every business is different and therefore no generic IT service can be applied. Our IT experts will tailor a solution relevant to your business needs.

Failing to implement the correct technologies can be costly to your business in a number of ways. From server implications to loss of data through lack of backups and downtime from incompetent technical infrastructure.
Digital Office Systems offer a range of IT support packages that ensure businesses optimise their office equipment. We also ensure that you have sufficient back-ups and fail safes present to protect your business.

What IT Support is available?

We work with employees at all levels of your organisation whose IT skills vary. By understanding each individual’s capability, we can establish what level of support it required. Ranging from annual support packages through to in depth consultation.
DOS offer IT support to maintain and protect your technical infrastructure. From physical servers and storage to network infrastructure and data recovery.

Hosted Desktop

• Reduced machine refreshes
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Latest software updates included
• Services running on local Server hardware
• Data stored in the cloud

Remote IT Support

Digital Office have the ability to remotely support your business. Without being at your premises by using the latest technology to manage your technology. The remote support is fast, efficient and can amend your issues at the click of a button.

On-site IT Support

Our IT technicians will visit any site to resolve hardware issues and software issues that can’t be remotely. On-site support offers reassurance for all businesses experiencing technical issues. We have experts that can provide assistance on-site whenever an issue arises.

IT Help Desk

DOS’s Help Desk is designed to get your questions answered. The software we use allows us to log calls and monitor the progress, reducing your downtime. Queries can be raised over phone, email or over a web portal.

IT Consultancy

We offer a huge range of consultancy support all sized businesses. Our solutions are tailored to reduce downtime and streamline your workflow. Our technical experts are trained to integrate with your business providing support to every area of your organisation.

IT Support Packages

• Pay per user – Designed for smaller businesses that need flexible support with a small number of users.
• Total Solution – Supports organisations that need a complete IT infrastructure solution for all employees.
• Education IT Support – An IT solution that solely supports the educational environments