Do you require a printer for your office? Regardless of whether you wish to lease or buy an office printer there are many things to consider. For many businesses the cost of purchasing a printer outright can be a large expense. The top range of printers can cost in excess of ten thousand pounds. Therefore it is only natural to want to ensure you obtain the right printer for your business circumstances. It is also important to consider the various options available to you. Of course you can buy the printer outright but an increasingly popular option is that of printer leasing.

Leasing printers allows you to avoid the up-front cost of purchasing the device. Generally offered alongside a managed print service contract it includes ongoing maintenance and costs. Leasing is the most preferable form when it comes to obtaining an office printer.

Printer Leasing

There are a wide range of benefits to leasing:

  • Technology access – leasing a printer gives the owner fast access to new methods and technologies that might not otherwise have been available.
  • Grow with the company – as the size of the company grows so will the needs for bigger and better devices. Leasing allows companies to still operate at full capacity without needing to pay out for expensive devices when the capital could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Financial planning/working capital – leasing allows better financial planning to figure out future fixed costs and the amount of working capital to work with.
  • Ongoing maintenance/bundled packages – leasing printers also allows ongoing maintenance costs to be covered. This includes bundled packages so ongoing expenses such as ink costs are covered. In the long run this will save a lot of time and effort.

There are many benefits associated with printer leasing as opposed to purchasing devices outright. Digital Office offers a wide range of leasing services for not only printers but photocopiers and print management. Contact us today for a free quote.