Print Management

Managing print infrastructure in an organisation can often be complex, with a variety of devices and end user requirements. The solutions we tailor are designed to help you take full control of your fleet, regardless of size. Allowing you to manage the volume and costs associated with your companies print, copy and scanning operations.

Print Management solutions enables you to optimise the print technology in your workplace through enabling insight into volumes and costs, as well as inefficient devices consuming unnecessary resources. Digital Office’s solutions provide complete control of your print costs and reduces the number of waste printed pages. This is supported by a number of workflow software’s that eliminate the need to print pages in a document.

Equitrac is an intelligent print management solution that simplifies mobile printing and scanning. It enables users to print anywhere at anytime using a PIN code or card. Equitrac maintains productivity without compromising document security. It is designed to encourage print behaviour along with reducing cost and paper waste.

Papercut allows you to monitor your print environment remotely to show you whose printing what, where and when. With tools that track print activity, shape user behaviour and assign budgets to departments. Papercut helps to impact negative print behaviour, strengthens security and further controls costs.

Reassure yourself with a print solution that emphasises confidentiality, ease of use and environmental impacts. SafeCom helps businesses control their usage by departments, staff or clients and enhances security through a user authentication process. A powerful solution that meets new compliance challenges and reaps valuable returns on investment.

Optimise your efficiency with a print solution that is totally safe and secure. From sending print jobs to the most cost effective device to preventing unauthorised documents being printed and getting into unsafe hands. Nuance Output Manager will get the print job to the right place at the right time. It reduces manual errors or misuse that results in data breaches. This is particularly important with the current changes in GDPR.