Print Management Companies

Print Management Companies

What actually are print management companies? In layman’s terms they are in charge of the printing, mailing and marketing items you generate. There are many benefits to using these printing companies. They are designed to help you save time and money on your printing process. With constant maintenance and upkeep of the products they will ensure your office runs smoothly.

Print Management Services 

Digital Office Group have compiled a list of reasons as to why you need print management companies in your corporate life, read on to find out!

  • Cost Effective – while there may be an initial outlay at the start of the contract this will certainly save you in the long run. Print companies deal with a great many companies involved in the purchase of goods and materials. This will therefore give them leverage when buying the materials required in all things printing. This is in turn passed down to the customer in cost savings. If these items were purchased in-house there will undoubtedly be increased costs, inefficiencies and the possibility of wastage.
  • Cost Savings – in-house printing teams are less likely to understand the industry they are working with. Naturally it will be harder to achieve the level of savings possible when buying in bulk. A lack of knowledge can also lead to struggling to obtain the correct product at an affordable price.
  • Software Developments – print management companies will invest time and money into the latest software developments and solutions. This will lead to increased efficiency and cost savings. This may not be possible for in-house teams due to a lack of time, budget or infrastructure.
  • Accountability – print managers are accountable and will show boards any cost savings and expenditure through printing via reports. There will be reduced wastage, increased efficiency and lower costs.
  • Innovation – print companies strive to ensure their product is at the forefront of sector advancements. Constant improvements and innovation in processes ensures the good and service you receive is of the highest possible standard.
  • Customer Service – the management companies are not tied down to any one supplier. Products such as Canon, Epson, Rowe and Mutoh are all available and as such we will provide the best product to suit your individual needs.
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint – using a printing company helps to reduce the amount of paper, electricity and print consumables. It is easier to identify and track usage and be more efficient accordingly.


Print management companies can be an extremely important aspect of many offices. The boost in efficiencies and cost saving cannot be emphasised enough. Get in contact today with Digital Office Group and see what services we can offer you.