Digital Office Print Audit

Print Assessment & Analysis

Allow our experts to conduct a thorough assessment of the current technology within your workplace. We carefully analyse the usage and cost of every device and accurately calculate where your expenditure is inefficient. Its only once you fully understand the whole situation before you realise the costs involved with your existing print infrastructure.

Get in touch for a free print audit

We will conduct a free print audit to reassure your business is optimising its printers. Our managed solutions have saved businesses up to 40% on the total overall cost of their print.

The Audit Approach

The print assessment process considers these main areas:

Updating & Future Proofing Technology

We ensure that our proposed solutions coincide with the goals and drivers in your organisation. Our experts don’t only look at the benefits of todays change, they look at future proofing all of your technology.

Document Analysis

We look into the type of files and documents being printed and what type of applications you involve in your current printing.

Document Security and Mobility

We look into how sensitive the types of data you are using and how we can reassure these will be secure in our solutions. It is also important we consider how mobile your workforce is as well as external stakeholders who may need to utilise your equipment.