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Office Photocopier Leasing

Digital Office are a leading Leicestershire based photocopier supplier for the best brands in the industry. We have a massive product portfolio and supply a full scope of technical equipment.

Photocopiers are an essential element of any office set-up. As technology moves on they are becoming increasingly vital for business operations. Most devices today come with more than just a copying function – many have the ability copy, print, scan and fax making them multi-functional.

Having a vast range of office photocopiers and printers to choose from is made easier by Digital Office. We guarantee to only offer the latest technological innovations in the market when it comes to photocopier leasing and printer leasing services.

Office Photocopier Types

As the copier market is so vast, it is vital you choose a device that provides you a solution that supports your core business objectives. Digital Office will supply you a photocopier perfect for your organisations requirements, from an A4 desktop black and white MFD through to A3 full colour machines with complex finishing options.


Black & white multifunction photocopiers use one black (K) toner and are only able to produce monochrome documents.

These mono photocopiers are designed in office use where colour is not needed. Coming in a variety of capacities, from low to high volumes, some models can print up to 150 pages per minute.


This type of machine is able to produce coloured copies and mono documents, providing you with flexibility.

This type of copier utilises 4 toners – Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K), commonly referred to as CMYK printing. These are perfect for entry level office use by producing a wide variety of colours on the CMYK colour spectrum.

Office Photocopiers

These machines are larger and floor standing. They are able to cope with much larger volumes and can print a higher speeds, whilst offering a scope of functions including scanning, faxing, printing and copying.

With a number of advanced finishing options your machine will also be able to sort, staple, hole punch and bind should you require it to. Office copiers intend to be used by larger work forces or departments as a shared centralised tool.

Installing print management software on your device such as Papercut, Umango or Equitrac can allow you to closely manage end user printing behaviour.

A3 Photocopier

When choosing a suitable MFD you must consider the size of media or paper needed to complete your workflow. The majority of printing is conducted on A4 paper, however certain businesses will need the option for A3 for jobs such as posters, plan drawings, marketing materials or spreadsheets.

Having the option to use both A4 and A3 paper sizes may give you more flexibility from the hardware, so it is important to know what variety of documents you print before choosing between machinery.

High Volume

For corporations with a large workforce, a standard entry 20 to 30 page office photocopier may not be sufficient. These companies may invest in high volume machines that will print anything over 50 pages per minute. These are perfect for reprographic departments or print rooms where they cope with continuously long print runs. Often applied in in house marketing operations, high volume technology will produce more advanced and impressive documents.

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