Photocopier Leasing

Photocopier renting or photocopier leasing is a great method for businesses to avoid the impacts of large upfront costs without compromising on the capability of their new multifunction copier. For many companies purchasing an office photocopier is a substantial investment, with prices typically ranging from £1000 to £10,000+.

Whether it be a long or short term office photocopier leasing for your business, it is normally more cost effective to rent the device rather than purchase it outright. Furthermore, leasing from a Managed Print Service provider like Digital Office, you don’t only avoid large upfront capital costs, but additional premiums associated with service and potential tax relief.

Digital Office’s service supports installation, training, maintenance, consumable replenishment, engineer call outs and meter readings.

What is an MFD Photocopier Lease?

Normally leasing your device spreads the cost over a 3 or 5 year period. The lease will require you to pay a monthly or quarterly over the term. Regardless of size and turnover, renting your devices offers numerous benefits to all business. The large majority of Digital Office customers rent their equipment, including large construction firms, law firms, SME’s and PLC’s.

Benefits to Photocopier Leasing

  • Photocopier leasing will allow your company to gain a device with a higher specification without large upfront capital losses.
  • Lease payments can be tax deductible – bringing advantages to your companies budget and cash flow.
  • Once the lease has finished, your business will be given the option to own the machine or upgrade to a newer model.
  • The opportunity for an upgrade is available towards the end of the term for a small fee.

What Devices Can Be Leased?

Digital Office offer photocopier leasing agreements on the entire range of products, from small desktop devices through to large production machines. Whether it be a small desktop multi functional printer for an individual user or a high end production unit, we can provide the perfect solution on a lease.