Do you know you if you are getting the best deal out of your photocopier leasing agreement? Unsure? Then come and talk to us! You see, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we want you to lease the right printer for the job at hand. With so many photocopiers out there, all with a variety of different features and performance factors, with so many makes and models, it can be confusing to know which photocopier is going to be capable for the requirements that you set out.

We offer photocopier leasing services in Packington and the surrounding areas of Leicester, Nuneaton and Derby.

When you invest in an office photocopier getting expert advice is paramount, and its worth taking your time to look into photocopier lease agreements, and at Digital Office Group we offer fantastic photocopier leasing opportunities, just without that complicated jargon.



How does photocopier leasing actually work?

  • When you lease a photocopier the costs are spread out over a longer period of time. This length of time is usually specified in the original contract and you will not require paying large upfront costs.
  • What do the terms include? Generally these terms include ongoing product maintenance and toner refills. Therefore over the course of the contract you will be paying smaller amounts and also not be responsible for the ongoing maintenance costs. This also makes it easier when it comes towards the end of the contract life, you are not responsible for getting rid of the old copier and it is easy to choose a new lease or photocopier upgrade.

Should you require photocopier leasing services we are the group for you! Our team of dedicated experts has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all things photocopying.

Get in contact with our fantastic team who will be able to guide you in the right direction when looking for photocopier leasing in Packington.