Digital Office have a range of office printers suitable for any working environment. We will recommend a device based on your individual business needs. Being partnered with leading brands in the industry ensures we have a device to meet your requirements.

Desktop printers come with a small footprint perfect for offices with limited work space. Whether you require intense colour, black and white printing or flexibility to handle complex workflows. All of our desktop printers offer reliability and productivity.

Laser Printers

Produce high quality text and image printouts fast and efficiently. Laser printers are often the choice for business which rely heavily upon workflow print output. These devices are perfect for any home or office environment looking for quality on a budget. With features such as wireless and network connectivity, our machines will complete numerous print jobs.

Office Laser Printers

At Digital Office we understand that daily processes consume resources. How can you ensure productive operations without reliable office hardware?

We are able to provide laser printers for any business ensuring you will complete any task from printing professional documents to controlling workflows. Connectivity across the workplace is a common requirement for most businesses, our laser devices can be shared across a computer network allowing everyone in the company to access the machine.

This type of printer are designed to save you money in the long term on the cost of repurchasing multiple ink cartridges.

Colour Laser Printers

Our stock of colour printers are manufactured by a number of world and industry leading brands. These devices are chosen to cover both home and business end user requirements.

Workplace Printing

The selection of high volume devices are capable of meeting demands of a busy office. Many of the higher volume printers are capable of holding 1000’s of sheets meaning the busiest environments will benefit from a highly productive printer.

If your business demands simple documents with coloured branding or full professional presentations, Digital Office can help you to identify the correct printer for your needs.

From experience we know that time and money are precious resources to all businesses which is why all of our solutions are dedicated to being time and cost-effective. With printers boasting speeds and connectivity, we will help your organisation save time and money without undermining print quality.

Our printers can seamlessly connect numerous devices to an individual unit, perfect for any office environment where multiple staff members need to use one printer.

Domestic Printing

We can also provide a selection of smaller devices perfect for home printing. Although these units are smaller, print quality is still maintained – offering you professional printouts from your home.

This range offer you a chance to print intuitively to make the most of the units features. The four different toner cartridges (CMYK) colour scale – is proven to be far more efficient than a conventional ink cartridge set up. Only the colour cartridge which has ran out needs to be placed.

Mono Laser Printer

A black and white laser printer is perfect for environments requiring significant quantities of “text” only documents in a cost effective solution.

Corporate Use

A regular choice for SME’s and larger business, the mono printer is an economical solution for high level documentation requirements through the way it produces workflow output. With most devices having a duplex print option, businesses can save even more through the reduction of paper consumption by 50% regardless of A4 or A3 prints.

Technology constantly changes, here at Digital Office we keep up to date and offer you the latest innovations in the market. Many of our printers support wireless connectivity options making it simple for numerous computers, smartphones and tablets to connect to one printer without any additional infrastructure.