Nuance eCopy Document Capture

Smartly and securely capture your documents with Nuance eCopy management software. Speed up how your employees share and edit documents.

Remove document queuing

Document handling is often inefficient and can slow down your business. eCopy eliminates document congestion and gives employees the ability to capture documents using more efficient digital document processes at the touch of a button.

Using eCopy your workforce can access critical document process to keep business workflows moving. Whether they are working together, with suppliers or customers, anyone can use the multi function device to access paper in the office, on smartphones or tablets to capture data whenever.

eCopy ShareScan

Companies operate in different ways, that means that every solution needs to be unique. The eCopy ShareScan is a modular scalable platform that gives you the freedom to build the right solution for your company. Choose components from a variety of packages – all of which can be managed as one system.

Nuance eCopy Document Capture

PDP Pro Office eCopy

eCopy PDF pro office is a smart desktop companion for capturing documents.  This feature delivers powerful PDF features your business needs plus an advanced optical character recognition (OCR) capability that document capture workflows demand. eCopy is built on an extendible platform, enabling you to further expand functionality by adding business application connectors and document process extenders. Nuance offer over 100 connectors that are compatible for any MFP document capture solution.

Centralised Document Capture Workflows

The email and folder watching monitors network folders and email addresses, enabling your organisation to extend eCopy ShareScan capture workflows to electronic documents, files and images from any source.

eCopy ScanStation & Development Kit

eCopy ScanStation is a secure network scanning application that meets the demand for high security, easy accessibility, accelerated index data entry and enhanced connectivity to copiers and scanners which don’t support embedded applications.

Enable software developers and system integrators to easily build integrated, advanced document workflow solutions on the eCopy ShareScan platform. Our powerful data publishing framework enables interoperability with third party connectors and extenders. Read more about Nuance eCopy.