Nuance AutoStore

AutoStore is a solution that organises the secure delivery of paper, digital documents and data into business applications from a range of capture points.

Secure and Intuitive workflow

Flexible capturing

Have the ability to capture both electronic and paper documents along with data from any preferred source:

  • Multifunction devices
  • Desktop scanners
  • Network scanners
  • Mobile devices
  • Windows desktop
  • Watched folders

Route documents

Route your documents and send them to a desired final location. Send documents directly to:

  • Document management solutions
  • Groupware and collaboration platforms
  • File, fax and email
  • Your own custom document destination with an open scripting interface

Apply the process

Process objects, add advanced images and document processing steps. Processing objects include:

  • Linear and 2D Barcode Recognition
  • PDF conversion
  • Bates Stamping
  • Watermark
  • Image enhancement
  • Authentication & encryption

AutoStore solutions for your workflow

Not all data capture workflows are the same. AutoStore fits the way you manage your paper and electronic documents.

Paper capture

AutoStore is the only scanning or document capture solution that offers support for a range of multifunction, single function network and desktop scanning equipment.

Electronic capture

Not all documents arrive on paper, a factor your capture solution must recognise. AutoStore has the ability to capture all documents.

Initiate workflows with AutoCapture

Whether your working in Microsoft Office or other business applications, all you have to do is click the right file and select a workflow.

Electronic desktop document capture

Capture and index electronic documents right from your web browser without any installation required.

AutoStore Business Connect

Business Connect can capture documents, barcodes, signature, photos, data and geocodes directly into business process – additionally accessing files, forms, validate collected information against databases and securely print and retrieve documents at any time.

Office on the go

Use your smart device into a data capture tool – whether its an email attachment, downloaded file or photo. Securely send the file into your companies workflow. Lever back office applications directly from your mobile device to send forms to your remote workforce.

Securely built in

Securely extend and enable access to content without external device storage, cloud storage or third party services. Safely print or capture data from anywhere – sensitive documents wait in the queue until released by your mobile device. All data is encrypted, securely delivered over HTTPS and automatically purged from the device once connected.

AutoStore OpenForms 360

OpenForms 360 integrates electronic and paper form processing into your AutoStore workflow, saving you time and resources, Documents will be captured, indexed and archived all whilst writing data into databases. Read more about Nuance AutoStore.