Most Common Printer Faults

When you require your printer to be firing on all cylinders it helps to have a reliable and trusty device. Offices are required to perform a lot of printing so it is satisfying when everything is running smoothly. However this may not necessarily always be the case. Printers can be temperamental devices, turning your office environment into a nightmare. Digital Office are highly experienced in all things printing! That is why we have provided for you a brief overview on the most common printer faults and a few troubleshooting tips.

Most Common Printer Faults

Printer paper jams – these are a common problem associated with printers and a high workload. They can often be attributed to a physical obstruction in the printing mechanism such as folded paper. The good news is that this is a fairly straightforward problem to solve. Try to follow the paper path and spot any visible paper jams. It can also be caused by poor paper alignment. In this case remove the paper, realign and resume printing.

Printer is not responding – this can be an extremely frustrating problem. When you try and print something and the printer is just simply not responding it can be infuriating. Thankfully however the problem can be often easily solved. It is worth checking a few simple things such as whether you have sent the document to the correct printer or is there enough ink or paper in the printer. Modern printers are also capable of alerting users to potential problems. If all else fails it may be worth getting in contact with an expert and getting their opinion on any problems.

Printer becoming unreliable – we understand the love offices have for their trusted printers. You may have owned the printer for a long time, it fits perfectly in your office and it has never caused you any problems. However, as it gets older the printer becomes outdated and lags behind in modern technology. It may be time to consider upgrading your printer if it is out of warranty.

Printing takes too long – you might have a massive project that requires printing off in a limited amount of time but your printer is just taking so long! What a pain this is. This can often be attributed to a memory issue or resolution settings. High quality images take longer to print so consider whether these are really necessary. If you require better quality prints it may be worth considering upgrading memory to ensure it runs far smoother in future.

Poor quality printing – you have created a great looking document and the printing just does not do it justice. Are you using the correct paper and settings for the printing? It is also worth investigating the printer manuals for further troubleshooting tips to improve print quality. Printers have many error codes so it is definitely worth consulting either the print manual or a trained expert.

Printing Problems

We understand common printer faults that can be associated with an office printer. Thankfully, the majority of the time these faults tend to be minor issues that can be easily rectified. If these issues continue to persist then it is definitely worth considering getting in contact with printing services and receiving some expert advice. Digital Office are a highly devoted and dedicated print service company with many years’ experience. Get in contact with us today for a free quote.