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The average UK office worker spends up to 20 minutes a day trying to fix IT problems. This will significantly impact your business, costing you time and capital.

It is vitally important regardless of size that your business has sufficient technological infrastructure, hardware, software and IT support that is flexible enough to grow and develop along side your business.

Our IT experts understand that no organisation is the same. This is why they tailor and consider every aspect of your business.

Digital Office offer an extensive range of IT support channels the ensure your business can optimise the use of its office equipment. This also includes preventative contingency planning when things go wrong.

Digital Office IT Business Support

We work closely with individuals and departments to identify the level and type of support needed. This varies from consultation through to support package offerings.

Remote IT Business Support

Our analysts have the capability to remotely fix your problems without the need to physically visit your workplace. The end user remote is highly efficient, keeping disruption and downtime to a minimum.

On-site Services

Working closely with your company, Digital Office’s technicians will always be available to conduct on-site visits to resolve any hardware or software issues. On-site services reassure customers experience issues as they know an expert can be called out when required and offer additional training of how to overcome future problems.

Help Desk

The IT help desk aims to resolved as many support queries at the initial point of customer contact. Our call logging software enables us to keep track of progress and ensures all calls are assigned to the next available technician. Customer calls can be raised over phone, email or via our web portal.

Type of Service Package

Pay per user IT is designed for smaller companies that want flexible support for a small number of end users. This is a perfect system for any business who needs support to adapt with their growth.

Total Solution Many organisations require a total office solution to support all of its work force and IT infrastructure.

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  • Experts in process & workflow solutions

    Our experts can effectively design a solution tailored to your business environment. We have the capabilities and technology to completely transform your workplace processes.

  • Industry leading technology

    Our partnership with world leading manufacturers allows us to offer all our customers the latest market leading technology.

  • Passionate about service

    Digital Office Group support your business through a number of channels. From customer services, IT support and engineers, we ensure your technology is being optimised.

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