How to print form your ipad

Printing. It’s nothing new, in fact it has been about for many years now but in the last decade alone we have seen advancements in the technology used to print out documents, images, newspapers, brochures and so forth.

Remember when Wi-Fi printers first touched down? A whole new concept of not having to be near your printer to reproduce from a master template, which ultimately increased productivity for those on a laptop who wanted to print on the fly without the need to attach cables to a printer. It was an incredible time for tech!

Well, with the introduction of tablets and Smartphones in the last 15 years has also come the added requirement of wanting to print without the need to share to a laptop or a computer, which in a cloud based world, is ideal for documents that are updated on the fly and accessible via multiple devices.

The only issue is, printing from a computer or tablet is as straightforward as it gets, but it’s not always obvious or as straightforward to print from an iPad or iPhone.

However, it’s a lot easier than you are thinking. Here are two ways that you can print from your iPad.

Print from your iPad using AirPrint

The standard method of printing uses the popular AirPrint feature which is available for iOS and MacOS, and is compatible with most printers (but worth checking first). You also need to make sure your IPad and printer are both connected to the same network, and in range.

Printing with AirPrint

Open the app that you want to print from.

Tap the share button which will open up the several ways you can share the document or image.

In this list of where you can send/share the document, you should see a printer icon – tap this and select the printer (it needs to be AirPrint enabled remember).

Print n Share App

If AirPrint isn’t compatible with your printer then don’t worry as you will find some handy apps in the app store that will allow you to connect wirelessly from your iPad to any wireless printer – regardless of whether it uses Apple’s wireless technology.

It’s worth noting the app costs a one-off fee of £6.99.

There are other related apps, such as Printer Pro, and Print Agent PRO for iPad, but we felt this was the most feature rich app. However, it is worth looking around at other apps that allow printing from your iPad.

They range from £4.99 – £6.99 at the time of writing.

Hopefully these two methods will give you the direction you need to start printing from your iPad.  For a full breakdown of printing devices that are compatible with AirPrint.