Print the Intelligent way with Equitrac Print Management Software

Collaborate cost control with security

Equitrac Print Management, an intelligent software that is designed to secure your documents and reduce the overall cost of your print work. Offering a one click for any job or device. No need to worry about print servers, compatible drivers or if the printer is ready. Equitrac is globally recognised as the most popular print management software for small and large organisations.

Equitrac – simply manage your printing

Quite often a simple print job can become complicated, especially with a moving workforce not knowing which device to print from. Driver updates take up IT time and printers may be offline. These implications will stop your workflow, therefore increasing your costs.

Solve common printing challenges that hinder output and IT with Equitrac I-Queue. The one workflow across all devices gives you full control and measures all print activity. Without the need for print servers.

Equitrac Secure Printing to every printer

Print from anywhere, anytime with Secure Follow You Printing. Eliminating the risk of private data being left at the printer and reducing paper waste, resources and time from unclaimed documents. Equitrac is compatible with a variety of manufacturers.

With all Print fleers being unique, Equitrac offer a range of secure print releases.

Interface Embedded

Equitrac can be embedded into most MFP brands, providing full control over copy and print activities from the control panel.

Page Control Touch

A single, flexible interface that provides a secure, seamless control over printing across your network.

Secure Print – control touch

Card Reader

Use an ID card to securely release your documents in a one step process. This ensures a streamlined process and delivers enhanced user authentication.

Equitrac Card Release

Mobile Release

A simple interface and secure print queue that gives users complete document release from any mobile device or web browser.

Equitrac Mobile Print Release

Increase MFD value with Equitrac

Equitrac unites print and scan workflows on a single interface at your device, delivering advanced capabilities that make sure you select the most appropriate workflow for the job. Combining the two saves time and converts your MFP into a valuable tool for reducing unnecessary paper waste in your organisation.

Equitrac-print management