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    Imagine never needing to order printer supplies again

    Make office life easier with Xerox’s Managed Supplies Service and save up to 25% on your printer consumables. The right supplies, for the right printers, at the right time – every time.

    How to get peace of mind with managed supplies

    Savings and simplification with Xerox’s Managed Supplies Service
    Let us monitor and manage your toner and ink usage remotely, and say goodbye to deadline dramas, stocking problems and other operational headaches.
    It takes a lot of time, effort and planning to keep your fleet of printers well supplied with inks and toners. Sometimes it can be a balancing act.  Why invest in expensive supplies that may sit on the shelf for months – or risk waiting until it’s too late – when you can benefit from “right on time” delivery of supplies based on your actual usage?
    Spend less time worrying about printer supplies, and more time focused on your business.

    How the Managed Supplies Service works

    Three steps to supplies replenishment with our cloud-based monitor/manage/deliver solution.

    1. Monitor
      Install the free Managed Supplies Service software on your network to monitor all your printer supplies requirements, regardless of brand.
    2. Manage
      Your printer signals that a consumable is running low.  The Managed Supplies Service assesses the remaining life and identifies the best quality/cost-optimised replacement.
    3. Deliver
      With Xerox’s Managed Supplies Service intelligent ordering, your printer supplies arrive at just the right time.
    • No storing supplies
    • No risk of running out


    Xerox’s Managed Supplies Service makes office life simpler

    • Monitors all laser and inkjet printer brands / models on your network – so you don’t have to.
    • Provides alerts when supplies and service are needed.
    • Delivery at just the right time – eliminates needing to stock printer supplies and saves you inventory costs.
    • Simplifies your printer supplies replenishment process while reducing costs.
    • Allows you to benefit from more uptime – keep the team working with fewer hassles.


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