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    Managed Print Services

    How much can you save?

    Do you understand the total cost of printing in your organisation? Do you have the experience, knowledge and time to manage your office print costs and infrastructure? We can handle your printer monitoring, supplies fulfilment, support services and much more.

    We can reduce your print and copy costs by as much as 30% while improving your company’s document production capabilities. Outsourcing of support services like networked printing allows you to focus your energy on your core business.

    As a Xerox managed print services provider, we use proven tools to help you reduce your printing support efforts, budget more accurately and manage printing costs with predictable monthly billing. We can show you how to capture those savings with a programme for just a few printers up through an entire fleet.

    Discover how Xerox Managed Print Services can simplify your office

    Benefits of Xerox managed print programmes

    With the experience of over 1.5 million customer’s devices under management, Xerox is the leader in managed print services. Here are a few of the benefits:

    • Enhances employee productivity: Employees can concentrate on their work instead of managing printers or copiers.
    • A single, predictable monthly bill: Covers your entire print fleet, makes it easier to manage costs and helps in budget planning.
    • Reduces waste: Order supplies as needed without “leftovers.
    • Cut costs: Streamline your company’s office print operations and reduce print and copy expenditures by up to 30%
    • Controls budget: Set your printing costs upfront. Page costs are fixed, no matter what you print.
    • Single point of contact: Increases efficiency and saves you time.
    • Reduce energy consumption through device consolidation.

    Xerox goes further in Next Generation Managed Print Services

    Xerox’s Next Generation Managed Print Services redefines Managed Print Services with an innovative approach:

    • Step 1: Assess and Optimise
      First, we use best-in-class assessment tools to create a baseline of your current spend and design an optimised solution that reduces your costs and supports your sustainability goals.
    • Step 2:  Secure and Integrate
      Next, we ensure that solutions are connected to your IT environment in a secure and compliant way using authentication and encryption while providing secure solutions for mobile devices.
    • Step 3:  Automate and Simplify
      Once your solution is in place, we will help you improve productivity by automating paper-based processes, content management solutions and simplified document workflows.

    In short, we’ll help you find the right solutions for your organisation well beyond the traditional MPS offering.

    The Value of an Assessment:

    Documents are the lifeblood of any organisation. Yet many companies may not be aware how they impact every level of day-to-day work—from productivity and sustainability right down to the bottom line.

    We can help you analyse your business environment and show you how you can optimise the way documents work in your organisation. We leverage a powerful set of best-in-class tools to turn your print data into actionable knowledge. Once we have that, we can:

    • Improve resource utilisation through device optimisation.
    • Reduce the environmental impact of print.
    • Uncover hidden costs within equipment and business processes.
    • Provide an accurate multi-vendor total cost of ownership.


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