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DMS Document Management System

The electronic document management system brings a number of advantages to your organisation. These include reducing paper waste, greater document security and increasing process efficiency. Our Document Management System can track, manage and store documents to help remove standard paper filing practices that stretch your office resources.

A common issue businesses face with a document management solution, is controlled access to storage and Cloud based platforms. The developments in Cloud document management solutions has seen seen significantly more investment from businesses in recent years. More online storage means staff can access files wherever they need to.

Accessibility was always considered a major benefit for businesses. With improvements in document security the need for companies to keep physical records is slowly being reduced.

Electronic Document Management System

Online Cloud storage can save businesses office workspace and the time allocated to members of staff document handling. Our seamlessly accessibly Cloud based management platform provides the following benefits:

  • Scan documents into a cloud account
  • Access and print documents from anywhere
  • Log into your cloud account and print from any device
  • Combine with Mobile Print

Xerox DocuShare – Document Management Solution

Utilise Xerox DocuShare to extend your digital transformation through an intuitive cloud enabled enterprise content management platform. With a number of features in areas of mobility, cloud and analytics. DocuShare helps teams work securely and collaboratively – increasing productivity.

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