• Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery?

Data is often at the heart of most businesses today, the result of data loss, corruption, hardware failure hacking or human error can prove catastrophic to your business. Digital Office’s IT disaster recovery aims to protect businesses from the negative events that disrupt everyday workings, by quickly resuming mission-critical functions following a disaster.

Disaster Recovery

If you ever encounter a disaster, are you able to restore your businesses critical systems, software and applications sufficiently? From simple information processing to servers and data storage what would happen if it all crashed with in your organisation?

Do I need Disaster Recovery?

The real question is simple, can your business function without data, applications and systems? If your response would be “No” the a recovery plan should be in place.

Your data is constantly at risk whether it’s a virus, machine error, human error or even a natural disaster. Downtime of your IT systems has a significant and costly impact on your business, causing a loss of productivity, reputation and can have serious commercial losses. Some businesses are never able to fully recover, and not having a business contingency plan in place could mean losing it all.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is much like having an insurance policy for your business and data, should something unexpected happen.

  • The Disaster Recovery Plan

    Will your business cope with an IT disaster?

  • Cloud Backup

    A secure cloud backup solution

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

    Recover and restore your business technology as soon as possible

  • Business Continuity

    Keeping your business running

Disaster Recovery with Digital Office

Our specialists help you prepare for the unexpected, Digital Office Group provide devise a plan to recover your systems to a state in which they will support your business after a disaster.

Our team begin the process with a full risk analysis of your business to identify which IT systems are critical to operations. From here, we can help write a continuity plan that implement procedures that ensure your businesses systems can be restored with minimal downtime. Digital Office Group’s IT disaster recovery provides scalable solution for your business servers and desktops which let your business feel confident that whatever happens, it will be in safe hands.

Our solutions range from a simple Cloud Backup solution to Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS), Your DR Plan and Business Continuity, with advanced features that are optimised to work within your business environment, without impacting on your day-to-day operations.

Whether you have a physical or virtual environment, the IT disaster recovery plan will provide cutting edge techniques and can backup and restore with no hassle or stress, working alongside your live environments with no disruption.

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