Commercial Printing

The world of printing is an ever evolving industry. With the constant advances in the associated technologies, the size and scope of printing is growing steadily larger. Naturally, with such a booming industry, there is fierce competition and competitors have to provide that extra edge to set them apart. With such a tech-savvy society, print is thriving which is fantastic for all commercial printing needs. But what actually is commercial printing and how can this help me?

What Is Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing refers to a piece of machinery that specialises in printing various commercial products such as brochures and leaflets. This can be produced in printing shops that specialise in the printing of various files. There are also services available that provide commercial printing services to your office. Leasing of commercial printers or indeed photocopiers is becoming an increasingly popular source of office technology due to the wide range of benefits associated.

What Types Of Commercial Printing Is There?

There are various types of commercial printing services available. These each depend on the various services you both require and provide. A few of these types include:

Wide Format – The printing of wide format productions provides an excellent opportunity to get yourself noticed. It allows the additional flexibility of printing graphics of any size onto almost any material. Wide format printers are necessary for this printing process as they allow larger dimensions to be applied when printing. They are excellent for various products such as billboards, banners and wallpaper.

Digital – Digital printing allows you the opportunity to get creative with your productions. Creating eye-catching, engaging content which maintains a consumer’s interest is crucial in creating leads. This is where digital printing provides a unique opportunity. Possessing your own digital printing capabilities allows you to both reduce costs and increase engagement. It is perfect for productions such as menus, newsletters and point of sale items.

Flexography – Flexography printing allows you the capabilities to print on various surfaces that may be uneven. It allows for quick-drying, perfect for industries that have a high turnover of products and move at a quick pace. Flexography printing is perfect for products such as packaging and labels.

How Do I Obtain A Commercial Printer?

The upfront cost of obtaining printers that provide the various commercial printing capabilities can be quite inhibitive. This is why a far more popular option is to instead lease said printers. Leasing of office technology also provides further advantages such as maintenance and upkeep of the technology and constant updates where required. They also allow the costs to be spread out over a fixed period by way of a print service contract.

Digital Office Group provide leasing services to all forms of commercial printing equipment. We have been established for over 25 years and provide our services nationwide. Locally we provide commercial printer services to a variety of locations including Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and Loughborough. If you are interested in any form of office technology or commercial printer contact our expert team today!