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Commercial Printer Loughborough

So just exactly what is commercial printing? If we break it down, commercial printing is the process of taking a piece of artwork and then transferring it onto paper or card depending on your preference and the job at hand. You will see this type of printing in action for brochures, books, flyers, magazines, newsletters, catalogues and much more.

One thing to take into account is that there are a range of commercial printing products available, each having a specialist area. For example, we have listed the most popular types of commercial printers below:

Digital Printer

One of the most popular commercial printing methods comes from the digital printer, which is widely used for items such as labels, newsletters, banners, menus, letters, and general POS items.

Wide/Large Format Printer

We then move our attention to another popular commercial printing setup, which comes in the form of a large format printer. The large format printer acts in many ways like a standard digital printer but with focus around large scale artwork. This means a large format printer comes in useful for outdoor or indoor signage, pop-up displays, exhibition graphics, billboards and other large scale projects.

Offset Lithography Printer

The third most popular choice of commercial printer is one that is used in the production of books, newspapers, posters and stationery, ideal for brand promotion at events. In offset lithography a printing plate contains the artwork that needs to be printed. The artwork, once inked is then offset from the printing plate to a rubber blanket and then to the book or newspaper.

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