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With more companies requiring data to be shared across multiple locations, the complexity and costs of processing and storing them has significantly increased. Office cloud solutions are an effective way of increasing business efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Our cloud services are flexible enough to change with your business. They also provide additional security to your business with the potential for disaster recovery.

Private Cloud

IT Services with your own data centre infrastructure to efficiently manage documents and high security measures to protect your company information.

When data volumes increase it can become difficult to manage and protect. Companies often see a huge increase in operational costs, a decrease in workforce productivity and fail to consider data regulations.

We streamline IT by delivering a flexible, secure and efficiency Private Cloud which provides your company with its own data centre infrastructure.

This solutions is ideal if your data volumes are consistent and you require greater security. With flexible management options, you can customise your network and storage to align with security requirements and business objectives.

Our trusted Cloud vendors design the right solution for your business for now and in the future.

Hybrid Cloud

Generally, there is no cloud that can meet every requirement. As with every cloud solution there are unique benefits and factors it can bring to your business.

Adopting a Hybrid-cloud approach allows you to benefit from the flexibility and choice that comes with public cloud, whilst running alongside private cloud with dedicated, on-premis servers delivering infrastructure, applications and services.

We’ll help you identify the varying needs across you organisation and find the best cloud option for your workloads – in terms of functionality, performance, availability, cost and security. Because hybrid-cloud supports the major technology vendors, you gain the added peace of mind knowing that you won’t be locked in to a single vendor cloud stack and can focus on delivering services to the your users utilising the right cloud at the right time.

Public Cloud

Unpredictable workloads, a rise in the volume of complex data and a greater demand for 24/7 access to services and applications can make managing and maintaining on-premises hardware and application infrastructure, challenging and costly.

Public cloud provides services such as compute resources, data storage, cold and archive storage, database services and applications, on a consumption basis.

Sold on demand or sometimes free of charge to certain organisations, your users can easily access business applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Dropbox, from any device that has an internet connection.

Using public cloud services provides the agility to scale usage to meet workload and user demands, whilst reducing the cost associated with owning and maintaining on-premises IT resources, making use of the flexibility to down-scale, power off, or time your resource consumption to match organisational needs.

When considering moving or scaling up operations to the public cloud, we will assess your current private cloud environment usage, and plan an appropriate migration strategy that considers your operating processes, internal expertise and budgets.

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