Why Photocopier Leasing is Key for Start-up Businesses

Why Photocopier Leasing is Key for Start-up Businesses

Starting a new business can be both stressful and exciting; on the one hand you are exploring a new avenue to put your skills and knowledge into, with all the rewards and benefits that come with it. On the other hand you are entering an uncharted World full of costs and responsibilities that can often leave you worried with many a sleepless night, so you may be thinking why do I need to be thinking about Photocopier Leasing right now?

We know how you feel, after all every business in one way or another starts from the roots before maturing and growing overtime. Some succeed and stand the test of time others simply don’t. 

Why Photocopier Leasing Is The Way Forwards

Leasing remains the most tax efficient method of acquiring new photocopiers for your office, it means that you don’t need to cough up the fees of a brand new photocopier and it also means additional services such as maintenance, upgrade and repairs are taken care of for you.

In fact, let’s break it down into bullet points to show the positives of photocopier leasing:

  • Fixed lease costs throughout the agreement.
  • No waiting around! You get immediate use of the equipment.
  • Leasing your equipment will allow for a better cash flow, for your start-up business. You don’t need to pay the full price.
  • Offset all lease payments against your annual taxable profits, reducing your tax bill.
  • You get additional services such as maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

 Why Do I Need to Lease a Photocopier

How Do I Setup a Photocopier Lease For My Business?

It’s much simpler than you probably think, and all we need is the private address of the business owner, along with a credit history report. Once those are sorted it’s just a case of requiring some bank statements so that we can effectively judge if you can meet the payments each month.

Those are the basics, and of course depending on circumstances we may require additional documents or evidence.

What Next?

If you are ready then just drop us a quick message here, or give us a call if you have any further questions. We can then help advise you on the best photocopier to lease, dependent on your business requirements and usage.