Canon launches imagePROGRAF TM Series

Canon launches imagePROGRAF TM Series for high quality, large format printing on demand for diverse working environments, including corporate, retail and education

Canon Europe has launched the new imagePROGRAF TM Series of large format inkjet printers for customers producing CAD, GIS and poster applications. The new printers address the needs of customers in the corporate, construction and engineering, retail, education and government sectors, enabling them to produce high quality drawings, maps and posters on demand, in-house.

The imagePROGRAF TM Series has been designed to meet demand for a productive, robust, large format printer for business environments that require smaller volumes of high quality prints, with a compact footprint and less noise.

The new printers are built on the proven technology of the large format imagePROGRAF TX Series, which has been very successful in the market since its commercial launch in December 2017. The new imagePROGRAF TM models add to Canon’s large format technology portfolio, which also includes the imagePROGRAF PRO Series for photographic and fine art applications.

The new imagePROGRAF TM Series features eight different models, all aimed at customers printing low- to mid-volumes. The five 36-inch models are: TM-300TM-305 (with built-in HDD and PDF support); TM-300MFP L36ei (multifunctional printer with low-volume scanning solution); TM-300MFP T36 (multifunctional printer with higher scanning solution); TM-305MFP T36 (high performance multifunctional printer). The three 24-inch models are: TM-200TM-205 (with built-in HDD and PDF support); TM-200MFP L24ei (multifunctional printer with low-volume scanning solution). (See note to editors).

Designed for office environments

The imagePROGRAF TM Series are compact and quiet devices optimised for space-constrained office environments. The printer’s footprint is as small as 982 x 887 mm for the TM-200/205 models, a reduction of 9% compared to the imagePROGRAF iPF Series.

The new imagePROGRAF TM Series has been developed to meet the demands of quieter office environments to ensure minimal distraction. Without compromising on high productivity, enhancements have been made to some primary noise sources; the Platen Suction Fan now includes a damping structure; the media Cutter cuts cleaner which reduces vibrations; the Media Feeding technology has been developed with the line-feeding motor being slowed and motor pulley diameter being enlarged to also reduce media vibrations. The enhancements have contributed to a reduction in noise by 60% in comparison to the imagePROGRAF iPF Series.

The intuitive operation panel means that users do not require training or specialist skills to operate the device, enabling employees to produce high quality prints in the workplace with ease.

The new imagePROGRAF TM Series aims to make it easy to produce creative and complex applications, with the newly improved software tools. PosterArtist V3.0 poster creation software helps operators to produce multi-lingual posters with over 900 expressions in 10 different languages and using over 350 templates and images, while Free Layout Plus offers a template tool for the design of folded posters.

The new printers also offer strong security features, including secure authentication and user controls, ensuring they are fit-for-purpose for large corporations or government offices requiring tighter security functionality.

High print quality

The imagePROGRAF TM Series boasts Canon’s LUCIA TD 5-colour pigment inks. This unique ink, which includes MBK with high surface tension, produces lines and text that are dense and crisp with minimal feathering. Vibrant colours can also be produced from LUCIA TD ink with pigments staying closer to the media surface. This enables customers to economically print high quality documents and posters on inexpensive uncoated plain paper.

The LUCIA TD water resistant 5-colour pigment inks used for the imagePROGRAF TM Series can print on water resistant media, offering immediate benefits for customers producing plans and drawings that need to be viewed outside, or creating posters for outdoor use.

Canon offers a range of optimised water resistant media, including polypropylene and adhesive vinyl, for banner and poster displays. Outdoor poster applications produced with the imagePROGRAF TM Series can withstand wet weather conditions for up to six months without additional lamination, further increasing productivity and reducing costs for outdoor prints.

Optimal productivity

With the imagePROGRAF TM Series, businesses have the capability to produce CAD drawings, GIS maps and posters on demand and in-house, reducing outsourcing costs and response times.

For continuous printing of drawings on A1 landscape plain paper in the fastest mode, the imagePROGRAF TM-300/305 can produce 144 prints per hour, which represents an increase in speed of up to 23% compared to its predecessor, the imagePROGRAF iPF Series, thanks to improved print head scanning and reduced time between processing each print.

‘Hot swap’ ink tanks enable users to replace inks during printing for continuous production. There is also the option to add one of Global Scanning’s fast, high quality scanners, including the T36 scanner with a user-friendly touchscreen display, to the imagePROGRAF TM Series creating the perfect multifunctional office companion.

Michele Tuscano, Director Large Format Printing & Partner Channel at Canon Europe, comments: “Today, customers in many business and public-sector environments want to produce high quality large format prints on demand and need to keep external costs down. We identified an opportunity to create a product optimised for businesses with lower print volumes who can still benefit from having their own large format inkjet printer.”

“The imagePROGRAF TM Series offers these customers high performance and high speed, with unbeatable image quality for promotional posters, as well as the sharpness required for complex CAD drawings. The intuitive user interface and new software tools mean any employee can quickly and easily produce prints of the quality they would expect from an external supplier. With less noise, this makes the printers barely audible to co-workers.”

Océ ColorWave 3700

Dependable Wide Format Printing with the Oce C0lorWave 3700

 Need hassle free 42 inch wide format printing?

Get reliable quality with Oce’s CrystalPoint technology. The Oce ColorWave 3700 is perfect for graphic arts and technical printing when every detail counts.


The ColorWave 3700 offers versatile media handling and flexibility. The CW3700 is CAD, GIS and GA roll media compatible.

Media Savvy

Océ MediaSense technology’s automatic media measuring delivers consistent, outstanding results.

Seamless Operation

Work non-stop with up to 6 rolls, 1200m input capacity, true print preview and perfectly tuned folder finisher.

Océ ColorWave 3700 Specifications


  • Up to 6 rolls (roll width up to 42 inches)
  • 1200m input capacity
  • Up to 225 A1 CAD prints per hour
  • Oce PAINT technology consistent quality from the first to last print
  • Oce MediaSense technology print on up to 800 µm thick
  • Up to 368m2 posters per day
  • Perfectly tuned finishing Océ Folder Express 3011, Océ Folder Professional 6011/6013 or Stacker Select
  • 2 x 500GB internal hard drive
  • Optional roll to roll printing with SDD take up unit
  • Adobe PDF Print Engine 4 original state-of-the-art PDF file processing

Make your Oce colorWave 3700 work harder

Space saving scanning

Supports the integrated CIS Scanner Express IV for an all-in-one solution

Stacker support

Compatible with the Océ Stacker Select with a capacity of up to 500 sheets

Folder finisher

Compatible with the Océ Folder Express 3011 and the Océ Folder Professional 6011/6013

Want to know more about the Oce ColorWave 3700? Speak with our wide format specialists today.