High Quality Scanning Solutions

High quality scanning is at the heart of document management

The way you manage your documentation can affect the success of your business. If you are quick to digitise and file your paperwork, your staff will be able to access it whenever they need. You will also be able to process and work with big data more effectively. That is why investing in a printer with scanning hardware can be so helpful nowadays.

Hardware and solutions that help speed up and facilitate scanning – or simplify it with time-saving workflows – can help companies work more effectively. Read on to discover four useful features that three of Samsung’s customizable printers, the MultiXpress X4300LX, the X7400LX and SL-X3220NR, all offer; and how they can help improve your business operations.

Feature #1: Automatic Document Feeders and Dual Scan Hardware

Do you find scanning tasks are taking up too much of your precious time, especially when you are scanning two-sided documents? Automatic Document Feeders and Dual Scan hardware provide handy shortcuts. They let you scan multiple pages at once, or scan both sides of a document at the same time, speeding up your scanning operations.

The X3220NR’s 100 sheet-capacity Automatic Document Feeder provides you with scan speeds of up to 45 pages per minute. In the case of the X4300LX, Dual-Scan Document Feeder technology delivers you scanning speeds of up to 120 double-sided images per minute (ipm) for mono scans. The SL-X7400LX’s Dual-Scan Document Feeder, meanwhile, scans both sides of a document simultaneously – with scanning speeds of up to 160 ipm.

Feature #2: Powerful Processors

Modern printers are sophisticated machines. Office workers now use them for all sorts of different tasks. That means they need to be fitted with advanced processing technology. Fortunately, powerful CPUs also help devices scan faster and more effectively.

The X3220NR’s 1 GHz dual-core processor, combined with a 2GB memory capacity, provides you with high scanning performance. The X4300LX has the same powerful CPU, but offers twice as much memory (4GB). The SL-X7400LX’s 1.5 GHz CPU, with System-on-Chip technology, provides performance that is twice as fast as conventional dual core-powered multi-function printers.

Feature #3: Customizable Scanning Tools

The Smart UX Center is an Android-powered touchscreen interface that allows you to customise the way you print and scan, using downloadable software. One handy (and free) downloadable widget that can help you fine-tune your scanning is the Scan Customiser.

You can use the widget to create preset shortcuts and save individual users’ own preferred scan settings. That means that when your employees log in to a printer, they will immediately be able to access their own favoured settings and shortcuts every time.

Feature #4: Advanced Scanning Software

If you plan to do a lot of scanning, it helps if you can access advanced scanning tools and multi-task workflow options, allowing you to integrate other tasks, such as optical character recognition, printing and copying.

Smart Scan, a Smart UX app, lets you make edits directly from your printer’s interface. You can automatically crop your scans, reduce file sizes or improve readability, with noise removal tools and tools that let you improve contrast and brightness. You can also use the app to save your scanned images as multiple files based on predefined page counts.

The Dynamic Workflow app is a boon for anyone who needs to work on combinations of scanning, optical character recognition and document distribution tasks. By creating single workflows, you can automate tasks, speeding up your scan-related jobs. You can also save workflows as one-touch shortcut templates, ready for future use.


Four Reasons to purchase genuine toner cartridges.

Why you should only use genuine toner cartridges for your printer.

Counterfeits are common in most modern industries, promising the copied products at a cheaper premium. Yet those who have purchased counterfeit items often find that the joy of securing a bargain quickly turns into disillusionment. Devised to look superficially like the genuine article – often through patent-infringing designs – counterfeit products may ultimately disappoint and offer less to the consumer in the long run.

This is no less true for the toner used in your laser printer. Considering the impacts of using counterfeit toner, genuine toner cartridges are the smart choice for a number of compelling reasons.


One of the first indicators of counterfeit toner cartridges is the performance of the product. Frequently corners are cut during manufacturing, leading to nasty surprises such as smudges and paper folds when the toner is used to print.

The hallmark of Samsung printer cartridges is the performance-enhancing polymerised toner technology. With a higher wax content and more uniform size of toner particles, this toner has been specially designed to minimise imperfections in your print. By reducing smudges and folds and increasing the glossiness and durability of the final document, Samsung’s polymerised toner creates sleeker, more professional documents.

Real Value

If the price of counterfeit and non-genuine toner cartridges seems too good to be true, that’s likely because it is. Those in favor of counterfeit toner cartridges often argue that using them will save you money due to lower costs at point of purchase. However, these short-term gains might cause long term pains for your MFP: reducing the overall reliability, efficiency and longevity.

According to research, non-certified toner has a 47 percent failure rate. Problems can include memory chip failures, image-quality defects, toner flaking and excessive printer noise which all may incur costly service fees. Indeed, factoring in the negative effects of fake toner on the efficiency and page yield of the device, as well as the potential need for reprints and the possibility of high repair costs, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your MFP can increase substantially when using non-genuine toner cartridges.

Environmental Impact

Since the likelihood of reprints is higher and the overall page yield is lower when using counterfeit toner, it follows that the environmental impacts are greater. Not to mention the fact that the failures which affect TCO above may reduce the overall durability of the device, leading to preventable e-waste.

What’s more, the polymerised toner in Samsung-certified cartridges is greener than conventional toner. Producing less carbon dioxide than regular printer toner, printers using polymerised toner use 35% less electricity.


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Samsung Eco-friendly Printing Solutions Help Businesses Go Green whilst Reducing Costs

What does it mean for a company to go green?

A large part of incorporating a green strategy is corporate sustainability, which means adopting business practices with the environment in mind. Managing your company in an Eco-friendly way is easy: you can decrease the amount of materials used in the office by creating environmental benchmarks and work processes which focus on reducing waste. These behavioural and managerial adjustments have numerous benefits. First, companies can raise their profit margins by reducing costs. And, practising environmental consciousness can also help to develop positive relations with external stakeholder, such as investors, regulators, customers and the surrounding community. For instance, according to KPMG, sustainability is being viewed as a source of innovation and ability to compete. Also, Ernst & Young reported that companies are receiving increased number of sustainability-related inquiries from investors. Despite these numerous advantages of taking a green approach, many small and medium size business leaders are reluctant to focus their efforts in environmentally-friendly business practices, mostly because they seem too difficult and costly.

However, seemingly small environmental goals, such as reducing the amount of paper, electricity and toner use, can be important steps to achieve corporate sustainability. In fact, Samsung Printing Solutions provides Eco-friendly printing solutions to help small and medium businesses to effectively achieve those goals and help you save costs at the same time.

Samsung’s Eco-friendly Printing Solutions help achieve corporate sustainability

Less Energy Consumption

Samsung Printing Solutions understands firms’ increasing needs to conserve the environment without increasing financial and operational burdens, and Samsung’s products reflect this. For instance, Samsung invested in developing All-in-One Board technology for multi-function printers (MFP) to lower the energy consumption, which reduces the number of circuit boards to operate the printer from 5 to 1. The printer with All-in-one board, such as MultiXpress X4300LX, a 2014 model, uses 16% less energy than the previous model, based on Samsung’s own lab test. This indicates that Samsung’s eco-friendly solution can effectively reduce electricity consumption, which leads to overall reduction in operational costs. Therefore, Samsung enabled firms to go green and reduce costs at the same time.

Easy Eco Driver

Another Samsung Printing Solutions’ eco-friendly printing feature is Easy Eco Driver, a function that lets users reduce costs and conserve resources by reducing toner usage, simply by checking a box before printing. To be more specific, Easy Eco Driver can differentiate images from texts, and it can change bold font to normal, change the font type to use less toner, modify images to line or sketch images, as well as remove images completely to conserve toner. Users can remove various page elements or modify fonts and images to make the document printer-friendly without having to manipulate the original document. This is particularly useful for files like PDFs which are not always editable.

These two features make the toner cartridge lasts longer, and therefore less waste is generated over the printer’s lifetime. Also, with Result Simulator on Easy Eco Driver, users can check the estimated reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, energy, and paper consumption. This innovative eco-friendly printing solution – Easy Eco Driver – has been awarded with a Winter 2012 BLI “Outstanding Achievement” award for allowing users to easily take actions to save the environment while saving material costs.

One Touch Eco Button

Samsung Printing Solutions’ one-touch Eco button is another eco-friendly printing feature that allows users to save paper and toner, by automatically printing according to the pre-set printing options when the button is pressed. For example, other than printing in duplex and multi-pages in a sheet, it can also automatically skip blank pages in a document. This feature is especially handy for removing unnecessary blank pages in a document that is hundreds of pages long. Hence, Samsung’s one-touch Eco button provides an easy solution to save trees and help firms reduce material cost.

Samsung Printing Solutions’ eco-friendly printing solutions allow small and medium businesses to set small yet important environmental goals that can help firms achieve corporate sustainability and save costs at the same time. With Samsung, taking environmentally friendly action that simultaneously helps the bottom line and saves the planet is a definite win.

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How to protect your business from Cyber Threats

The greatest Cybersecurity threats and how to protect your business

For small businesses without adequate IT staff, cyber security can be alarming. According to Small Business Computing 58% of all data breaches last year occurred at small to mid-enterprises.

Ponemon 2017 reports that 61% of companies surveyed have had a cyber attack in the last 12 months, with 54% of these experiencing a data breach involving employee or customer information.

What are the most common cyber threats?

The most common attacks against small businesses involve phishing/social engineering. One social engineering scan on the rise is “pretexting” in which attackers send emails masked by an address from executives or co-workers in the company. Pretexting typically target HR and Finance departments in attempts to access the businesses most sensitive data. Symantec 2018 reported each user at a small business receives an average of nine malicious emails per month.

The second most common attack is web-based. In this case, malicious software or malware installs itself on the victim’s computers when they are using the internet. Some 43% of Ponemon respondents fell victim to this type of threat.

Ransomware, is where hackers use malware to manipulate your computer and demand a ransom to get your data back. In last years Ponemon report, only 2% of respondents reported a ransomware attack. In 2018, 52% of respondents said their company faced a ransomware attack.

Cyber Security Solutions

Employees continue to be the weakest link in Cyber security. Of the companies who responded in the Ponemon survey 54% of the companies say negligent employees were at fault for the data breaches.

Using appropriate passwords and authentications will significantly help. 59% of the respondents say they didn’t even know what type of password practices their employees are using. Only 43% of companies used a password policy and 68% of those don’t really enforce it.

Business technology is also a risk factor. For example, unsecured networked printers can give hackers an open doorway to access your company’s data.

Xerox printers and multifunction copiers with ConnectKey technology will help. They have built in security features that help keep your printers secure from both external and internal threats. You can use key cards, passwords or mobile devices for authentication control to restrict access – only allowing required users on the network.

The Xerox mobile link app is a great way to enable mobile printing whilst still keeping data secure. The printers also log user data so you can see whose using them, and protect your data through encrypting documents sent to, sent from or stored on your printers.

Xerox Mobile Link App –  3 in 1: Capture, Manage, Send

Xerox® Mobile Link is a mobile app that can scan, fax and print from your phone or tablet by connecting with Xerox® multifunction printers (MFPs).

Whitelisting technology embedded in ConnectKey enabled printers protects against malware and notifies you of any attempts to compromise printer security, while Firmware Verification alerts you if any harmful changes to the printer are detected.

Cyber Safety Tips

To keep your business safe from cyber-attacks, here are some tips:

  • Install software to detect and prevent intrusion by viruses and malware.
  • Train employees in cybersecurity practices, particularly regarding email and internet use, and enforce them.
  • Use secure passwords and change them regularly. Don’t share passwords.
  • Set software to update automatically; outdated software makes your network easier to breach.
  • Consider purchasing cybersecurity insurance for added protection.
  • When buying new hardware and equipment, look for printers and MFP’s with security features built in.

Cyber attackers continue to adapt and learn new ways of threatening your business. By taking these steps to protect your computers and networks, you can reduce the chance of your business falling victim to the crooks.

Do you currently purchase your printers and photocopiers outright with no service contact?

The benefits of leasing

Should you buy or lease your next photocopier?

There a various questions to ask when considering your new office photocopier. After choosing a make, model and specifications the next big question is likely to be how you are purchasing it.

How leasing could work out better for your business.

For companies with taxable profits less than £300,000 per year the tax rate of 20% will be applicable.

For example, let us assume you are purchasing an item of equipment. The two choices are whether to buy it for £10,000 or lease it over a 5 year period.

The example shown below is for an outright purchase for £10,000 with the customer claiming 25% written down allowances per annum.

This example shows the customer paying tax at 20% or 30%.

The overall tax saving to the customer is £1,754.19 and £2,283 if he is paying higher corporation tax.

This means that he is able to reduce his tax bill by these amounts.

Amount Write down allowable Corporation tax rate Tax benefit Corporation tax rate Tax benefit
£ £ £ £
Year 1 10,000 2500 20% 500 30% 750
Year 2 7500 1875 20% 375 30% 563
Year 3 5625 1406 20% 281 30% 422
Year 4 4219 1055 20% 211 30% 317
Year 5 3164 791 20% 158 30% 231
Total £1,525 Total £2,283

The next example below assumes a cost of £10,000 and a lease rate of £70 per thousand.

A key point to note is that with leasing the customer can claim 100% of the rentals against tax.

With leasing the overall tax saving to the customer is £3,220 or £4,200.

This means that the customer is able to reduce their tax bill by these amounts.

Amount Write down allowable Corporation tax rate Tax benefit Corporation tax rate Tax benefit
£ £ £ £
Year 1 2800 2800 20% 560 30% 840
Year 2 2800 2800 20% 560 30% 840
Year 3 2800 2800 20% 560 30% 840
Year 4 2800 2800 20% 560 30% 840
Year 5 2800 2800 20% 560 30% 840
Total £2,800 Total £4,200

Benefits our customers have from leasing.

Tax Relief

Lease payments are 100% tax deductible therefore reducing your tax burden.

No Capital Outlay

There is no capital outlay or deposit required -just the rentals paid in advance.

Budget Forecasts

Leasing provides certainty and ease of budgeting as your payments are fixed over the life of the equipment.

Also, if your business is controlled by capital expenditure budgets then leasing may well help you overcome your problems as it will be easier to obtain sign off for a lease rental amount.

Improved Cash flow

Leasing can save you from sinking capital into a depreciating asset enabling you to invest in product development, marketing or other business opportunities.

Upgrading Existing Equipment

If the equipment is purchased, it may drop in value quickly due to the ever-changing world of technology. With leasing you can upgrade at any time allowing your business to keep up with the latest technology on the market. This will mean no waiting for months or years to recover capital costs.

Future Credit

Leasing gives you an additional line of credit and does not affect your existing credit lines. Also, unlike borrowing from bank, leasing will not tie up any assets in the form of security or collateral and is not affected by fluctuations in interest rates.

Having more than you could afford

You can start using equipment now that you may not have been able to afford had you opted for a straight purchase and a lump cash payment.

Leasing allows you to spread the cost of the equipment over a designated period.

What type of photocopier can be leased?

Digital Office Group offer leases on the entire range of products, from small A4 desktop printers, A3 multi function photocopiers, wide format plotters and digital production presses. Regardless of your specific business requirements, all of our devices are available for you to reap the benefits of leasing them.

Digital Office leasing Partners.

Digital Office work only work with asset finance companies who specialise in photocopier leasing. These include PEAC, Societe Generale, Shire Leasing, GE Capital and Grenke Leasing. The price and financial agreement with your photocopier will totally depend on the specification of the machine you choose.

Leasing a photocopier from Digital Office.

As previously discussed leasing/renting is a seamless way for businesses to save money without compromising on the quality or functionality of their new photocopier. For a large proportion of companies, purchasing a photocopier is a huge expense, with the typical price of a photocopier ranging from £1000-£15,000+.

Whether it be a long or short term lease period, its always much more cost effective to lease rather than purchase. When leasing print equipment from a leading supplier such as Digital Office Group, you don’t just get around the large up front capital expense of the machine, but additional costs relating to service. Our service covers installation, training, photocopier maintenance, engineer support and all consumables for the device.

Managed Print Services with your Lease

Running a Service contract along side your lease will keep your device supported throughout the term. The service costs, commonly know as a “click charge” or “cost per page” mean you only pay for the pages your print. You will then receive a monthly or quarterly invoice that covers your for all parts, engineer support, ink cartridges and other consumables.

Digital Office offer all customers to tie their finance agreements in with their Managed Print Service contract. This means there is only one monthly or quarterly payment that covers both hardware and support costs. This is similar plan to purchasing a car and keeping it serviced throughout the lease. Our service contract means your are covered for all breakdowns, spare parts, engineer labour, toner delivered automatically and IT.

If you currently use laser or inkjet printers with no service contract and you just purchase the consumables when required, we would expect to save you a minimum of 30% with one of our tailored MPS solutions.

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The Power of Colour Documents

The impacts of colour

Colour captures attention, improves communication and enhances productivity.

Research has proven that using colour can have favourable results compared to black and white. Below are a number of examples of how powerful colour is.

Capture Attention

Colour can be used to emphasise crucial information and portrays professionalism. Colour could be the difference between an audience reading or rejecting your marketing material such as direct mail and leaflets. The readers decision to engage is made in just 2.5 seconds – using colour could keep it in their hands for much longer.

Colour increases the readers attention span and memory by 82%. Safety notices, warnings and technical information are 82% more likely to be remembered if they stand out in colour. This can help reduce time consuming errors with in your company as well as keeping your workforce safe.

55% of people are more likely to pick up a full colour piece of direct mail first. Want to get your customers to open your envelope first? Simply add colour – this will immediately capture their attention and may lead to quicker response times.

Enhance Productivity

Information can be found 70% faster when in colour. Companies who often use lengthy reports can significantly reduce the time it takes to find and understand important information by printing them in colour. This allows the end user to seamlessly gather the required information and proceed with other workloads.

Colour can improve search time by 39% compared to using different fonts. Using colour to highlight key information or data can help reduce the amount of time required for administrative tasks.

Improve Communication

Colour improves comprehension by 73%. Prospects and readers can understand your point much clearer and faster when presented in colour – this can lead to a much more effective sales process.

Sell up to 80% more in colour. Sales brochures, marketing material and consumer communications require colour in order to engage the target market. Applying vibrant designs and colour will more than likely lead you to more sales.

Brand recognition is 80% reliant on the colour used. Manufacturers and retailers have all developed powerful brand images through the colour chosen.

Digital Office colour Specialists

Digital Office supply an extensive range of digital colour printers. Whether you are a finance department printing reports or a commercial printer producing outdoor banners, we have all the technology to keep you covered and make your workflow standout.

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