Preventable Print Pains

Everyday print pains that can be totally avoided

For many businesses today, un-managed print environments can be a hugely underestimated threat. As Ken Thibault (HP Managed Print Services Director) explains, print systems “are often like an iceberg, with customers only seeing the 10% above the surface. But what really kills you lies 90% below the waterline – all of the inefficiencies and wastage that you aren’t even aware existed”.

Thibault is a HP managed print specialist – he works with customers that need help taking control of their print infrastructure. Over the course of his career, he has realised the important role managed print services play in keeping businesses productive and efficient.

Underestimated Print Services

Many companies underestimate the costs involved in keeping their printer systems up and running. 1 in 10 don’t even have an idea of the devices connected to their network, this lack of knowledge may end up costing them dearly.  Below are 4 pain points that can be prevented with better print management.

Less pressure on IT

When the printer goes down, normally people turn straight to the IT department. HP Inc, reported that IT help desks spend around 15-20% of their time addressing printer related issues, this hugely reduces the amount of time they can spend amending other technical issues within the organisation.

With Managed Print Services, IT can concentrate on where their skills should lie – things like migrating new software or working on server efficiency. Tasks like these make them much more valuable to your business as well as driving efficiency and improving end user experience.

Enhancing Security

A study from the Ponemon Institute showed that printers are a major security risk. 60% of IT experts involved in the survey acknowledged that a security break involving a network connected printer has occurred and have predicted this will happen at least once every 12 months. Many businesses do not understand their printers are endpoints, just like PC’s they need to have appropriate security protection. Printers all use hard drives, processors and operating systems making them ideal targets for data breaches.

A correct Managed Print strategy must include security which starts at the hardware. By placing the most secure devices on the network, you are then able to utilise a relevant security solution that enables the relevant people access to confidential or sensitive documents.

Data breaches can cost business millions to recover, along with being hugely disruptive. Managed Print Services are designed to keep breaches away and workflows moving.

Never run out of consumables

Printers rely on up keep to ensure ink, fuses, toner, drums and other consumables remain in working order. When these supplies run out it can be frustrating for the end user and become costly if workflows stop. An example could be an employee who needs to print a report but the printer is out of toner. The employee needs to then waste time looking for a replacement , installing it to the device or re-purchasing one from a store or online (which may take even more time). This is an unnecessary process that can be disruptive to your workforce and their jobs at hand.

Managed Print Services reduce the need for stocks of printer supplies stored away in your workplace while ensuring these parts arrive for your machine just in time – before the business encounters down time.

Digital Office’s managed solutions use software that reads when the toner cartridge reaches 10%. As soon as it reaches this level we will have already sent out a new one or a technician will be there to install it, before you become concerned about running out. Our solutions ensure business continuity.

Documents sent to the right place

In many offices today printers are located in central positions or at the end of isles. According to a survey from HP Inc, 40-50% of pages send to printers are forgotten, resulting in massive unnecessary costs. In workplaces with numerous networked printers, employees can find themselves having to physically search for documents – making this an additional costs that could be prevented.

When implemented a managed print workflow can send files to specific email inbox’s, printers, fax machines or networks to complete document processes. A managed print environment incorporates secured, managed processes to ensure jobs are not lost and documents end up in the right hands.

Adopting a managed print service plan will gain you productivity and full control of your devices. Stop printers being a drain on your resources.

Get your  consultation today and let our experts take control of your print. We start our process with a free print audit to establish where the inefficiencies lie in your work environment.

Digital Office Annual Charity Golf Day 2018 for The British Heart Foundation

Digital Office Golf Day at Rothley Park Golf Club for The British Heart Foundation – Friday 31st August 2018

Who are the British Heart Foundation?

Founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals – The BHF are the nations largest independent funder of cardiovascular disease. Their “pioneering research” has helped transform the lives of people battling heart and circulatory conditions.

What the British Heart Foundation do?

The UK’s largest heart charity through 50 years of funding cutting edge research has made a huge impact on peoples lives.

The BHF have changed the landscape of heart disease with more people than ever surviving heart attacks and with the ageing population more people are now living with some kind of heart condition.

Today British Heart are funding over 1000 projects around the UK that aim to find new, better treatments for people with cardiovascular disease or develop new ways of diagnosing it.

Digital Office supporting the British Heart Foundation

We would love you to come and join us for our annual Charity Golf Day at Rothley Park Golf Club on Friday 31st August 2018 in full support of The BHF.

We are holding our annual golf day to raise funds for heart research projects to help save more people from dying prematurely through cardiovascular illnesses. All proceedings generated on the day will be given straight to the heart foundation. We intend to raise as much money as possible through team entry payments, donations throughout the day, sponsorship on each hole and to finish a charity auction with a vast range of exclusive prizes.

The day includes breakfast sandwiches on arrival with tea/coffee, refreshments on the 9th hole, a stunning 18 hole golf course and a BBQ followed by a prize giving.

Please remember your chance to win a BMW on the 12th hole sponsored by Sytner Leicester. 


Friday 31st August 2018


Rothley Park Golf Club, Westfield Lane, Rothley, Leicester, LE7 7LH.


12.00 – 1:00 pm Registration, Sandwiches, Tea/Coffee

1:30 pm Shotgun start

6:30 pm Relax with a BBQ

7:30 pm Winners Presentation – Charity Prize Auction


Teams of 4 –  £200.00

Individuals –  £50.00

Regardless of your golfing ability please Sign Up your place on our annual golf day for an amazing cause.

For any further information about this event contact us.

Survey reveals UK businesses do not have control of print costs

A survey reveals UK businesses do not control their print costs.

A new survey commissioned by Oki Systems highlighted that many UK businesses do not have full control of their print costs. The survey included a number of decision makers including Finance managers, Directors, Office managers, CIO’s and IT managers revealed that 52% don’t know how much their printing is costing – for larger business on the SME spectrum this figure rises to 66%.

Looking forward, “paperless” offices are also wide of the mark, with the survey revealing that 44% of SME’s who are conscious of their print expenditure spend over £10,000 a year, with 47% of them printing more than a standard box of paper per week. Equally the SME’s who understand their costs and print volumes also believe much of their printing is unnecessary heavily contributing to this lack of control. 39% of companies say they are overspending because of employees printing documents carelessly.

At the same time, there is also evidence that workflows are becoming increasingly electronic; 85 per cent of those polled are using multifunction devices (MFDs) with 65 per cent of the total sample using them to manage documents. But even here, inefficiencies creep into the day-to-day running of the business, with some 30 per cent of companies with 500-1,000 employees claiming the devices actually hinder the workflow.

“If a growing number of companies are deploying MFDs with functions such as scan-to-email which cut down the number of times a document needs to be printed, yet they still believe that much of the printing that goes on is unnecessary, they need to examine their processes and audit their print fleet carefully,” says Andrew Hall, marketing manager, OKI.

“It’s a worrying finding that even after the economic climate of the past few years, when businesses have been forced to tightly control their costs, so many companies are still unaware of how much they spend on print, or even how much they print.

“Evidence shows that working with a managed print services provider can help small to medium sized businesses take charge of their print costs, removing it as an unknown expense and enable a more efficient workflow at the same time.”

Opportunities to save on print

Despite their worries about unnecessary printing the survey also highlights how many businesses are missing out on ways to use the latest print technology to save money. Some 41 per cent (rising to 61 per cent among 100 – 249 employee sized companies) outsource the printing of simple items like business cards and/or other stationery, despite the fact that this is now simple to do in-house using graphic arts printers alongside downloadable templates.

“Print technology has rapidly developed,” continues Hall. “Printing high quality documents and marketing collateral in-house has never been more straightforward and with the right printers in place, will drive down outsourcing costs and increase flexibility for businesses.

“Particularly in dynamic industries like retail or travel, where fast-moving promotions might need to be implemented, the ability to create quality collateral in-house could be pivotal to business success.”

However, OKI’s latest survey does show that progress is being made in mobile and remote printing. Overall, 39 per cent of respondents said that they were able to print from mobile devices and there was evidence to suggest that smaller and mid-range businesses have been faster to adopt these devices; 44 per cent of organisations in the 100 – 249 category and 47 per cent in the 250 – 499 could print this way. Larger organisations, with bigger, remote workforces, recognise the value of being able to capitalise on such technology, with 86 per cent of respondents to the poll in businesses sized 500-1,000 suggesting mobile printing would make an impact on their company.

How Digital Office Group can help

Digital Office solutions are aimed to give companies and departments full control of their print infrastructure. Our aim is to offer you technology that improves your existing set-up whilst inherently reducing the over all cost of ownership. We begin our process by investigating the in-efficiencies of your current office technology and tailoring a specific solution to all of your business requirements whether you require hardware or software.

Contact us today and speak to one of our advisers on how we can help you.