GDPR Compliance Fast Approaching

GDPR Compliance deadline is fast approaching

Its only a month away until one of the greatest changes in data protection law occurs – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a regulation that not even Brexit can prevent.

The UK government, EU and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have taken great action to warn organisations and businesses about the changes they need to make in order to comply.

Studies are showing that even at this late stage many firms are lost or doing very little to meet their new obligations – even in the print industry. As John Noble, director at Pro-Active Business Information, notes: “The sector has had mixed reactions, but many are viewing it as a major hassle, with few being fully prepared – even though most are aware of it.”

And Peter Thomas, managing director of DLRT, part of the Tall Group, thinks along the same lines: “The GDPR has been well flagged. The ICO has done some great work promoting it across the multimedia platforms and via roadshows. No one can use the excuse that they are not aware of it.”

GDPR and the Print Industry

The chairman of the Independent Print Industries Association, Mike Roberts, states that businesses within the print industry are right to be concerned about the impacts of GDPR changes as it will impact on the ability to contact customers. However, He suggested that the “industry was relieved that in January 2018 the ICO ruled that marketing activities are able to continue without explicit permission needed for email, text and telemarketing”. He also said that “this was positive as it kept a core channel open to keep in touch with customers”.

From his perception, this industry is worried about legitimate business promotion in a highly competitive market space.

According to Debbie Dowler, Quality and Compliance Director at Tall Security Print, part of the Tall Group. She is pleased that “the rules and regulations laid down within the Data Protection Act 1998 and the obligations we have under ISO 27001 are being added to in this new legislation.” Her view explains how the Tall Group see GDPR as an extension in the way they have managed sensitive data over many years.

Complying to GDPR is a reflection of how businesses and market places are changing. Personal information and data is a key driver in everything we do. Its at the heart of most successful organisations and it integrity must be protected. Peter Thomas adds, “does the new law go too far? If business prepare themselves and act responsibly they have nothing to fear”.

Is GDPR all that bad?

Mike Roberts believes that GDPR in the long term should vastly improve target marketing – which is much more effective for companies with limited marketing budgets. His hopes are that huge scale marketing campaigns are replaced by creative, quality, targeted promotions. Research from Royal Mail: “Mail in Uncertain Times showed that 87% of people consider mail be believable. The same research found that only 48% of people thought email was believable.”

The whole purpose for GDPR is about personal control. For James Kinsella, e-commerce director at Route One Print, GDPR means “the consumer will have more control over their personal data and a better understanding of why companies are collecting this”. Roberts, strongly advises that companies should proactively contact their customers prior to the law changes on May 25th – as once this date has passed it will be too late. The data protection element of GDPR is highly important, especially with a significant rise in Cybercrime.

Will GDPR hinder marketing campaigns? Mike Roberts, doesn’t believe so. His thoughts are that many younger marketeers only have experience in digital marketing channels and very little knowledge in printed media – this makes them naturally wary.

He suggests, that GDPR is driving real changes in how a company can contact its customers. By electronically reaching out to customers who have “opted in”, they will only be able to contact the people interested in their products or services.

Kinsella, feels GDPR will make a difference. With Google searches for GDPR increasing 400% in the last 90 days, businesses are taking this seriously.

GDPR Opportunities

Firms who look at GDPR positively can benefit from the real opportunities it may bring.

Mike Roberts has seen a significant rise in direct mail enquiries as businesses had moved away from print or led with digital methods to keep in touch with their customers.

Kinsella thinks the same, while the laws on digital marketing are tightening “there is a more relaxed approach to print marketing” as a result of legitimate interests. He adds that “based on this we’re expecting to see a rise in the use of printed media (direct mail, door drops, etc) as a marketing method.”

Royal Mail’s own research suggests that 86% of people are connected with a company through direct mail and 13% more consumers visited a website when direct mail was part of the campaign.

Saying that, Roberts indicates that unless your campaign is targeted at a well-defined audience with a clear message, your mail won’t make an impact.

According to Kinsella: “Becoming GDPR compliant shows your commitment to your customers and their data. It is another opportunity for people to engage with your brand and see you as a trustworthy business who wants to handle data correctly.”

Processing Data

For those in the print industry retaining data, it is crucial to take an interest in GDPR and how it will affect your business. It is important to review what data is being stored? are you storing unnecessary data? Are you keeping the data for longer than required? When was the last time the data was updated?. When you have done this make a note of any areas of risk and what actions must be completed before the 25th May.

It is equally important to consider the need to obtain explicit permission, meaning that many businesses must change the way they opt people into any marketing communications. James Kinsella says, “simply look at the ways of gaining consent and make sure they meet new requirements”. Also “look at how any personal data you manage is protected and how you would handle a breach”. To this Dowler adds a rider: “Make sure data is held for a valid reason, that you have consent to hold it, and that it is held in an appropriately secure fashion with the appropriate flags where necessary.”

All corporations must educate employees on the new regulations before May 25th, non-compliance will be a punishable offence and could lead to a significant fine.

Enhance Workplace Productivity

Help your staff be more productive

Research has shown that staff working continuously long hours has unfavourable impacts on your organisations productivity.

Long working days often leads to impaired sleep and fatigue, therefore a loss of productivity in the workplace. Studies have also found that stress caused overworking can make decision making and leadership more challenging as people become less likely to conform.

Research suggests that shrewd management will enhance efficiency through encouraging employees to get home on time. Below are some tips on how the Latest Technology can help increase Business Productivity and keep your staff motivated.

Invest in the Latest Technology

Investing in the latest technology will enable you to reduce operating expenses whilst increasing workflow efficiency. It is known that outdated office printers and photocopiers consume valuable time and resources, there is nothing more frustrating for employees than a computer or printer with sluggish performance limiting their output.

With powerful tools and features designed to optimise workplace productivity, the new Xerox VersaLink C405 Colour Multifunction Printer is ready to support your business right out of the box. This versatile workplace assistant is ideal for every office, regardless of size. It offers a new benchmark for productivity in multifunction printers.


Developments in technology has allowed many companies to benefit from a mobile workforce, whilst remaining connected to the business on the move. Connectivity can connect dispersed workers, make them easily reachable, and enable faster communication with mobility options such as texting to get immediate attention and action. And mobile-enabled printers and apps like Xerox Mobile Print allow them to print on the go.

Streamlining workflow with Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox Connectkey is transforming how people work. Connectkey is a powerful tool that helps communicate, connect and work from anywhere. It gives the freedom to solve problems, be more sustainable and delivers an intuitive user experience.

Connect like never before and do more than just print, copy and scan. Combining Xerox ConnectKey with Xerox Multifunction devices creates an optimised infrastructure that is customisable to each individual organisation – whether its large or small.

Photocopiers and MFP’s built on Xerox ConnectKey are more than just machines. They become an additional workplace assistant and become capable of offering an entirely new level of flexibility, efficiency and productivity. Enable your company to work better, faster and smarter with a consistent user experience, mobile and cloud connectivity, easy automation, benchmark security and access to a growing library of apps to expand functionality and boost productivity.

For more information on the multifunction printers or photocopiers we offer please contact us.

ROWE Scan 850i

Digital Office is a sole UK supplier of ROWE wide format solutions

ROWE honored as TOP Innovator 2017 with the new Scan 850i, a firework of innovations.

With the new development of the ROWE Scan 850i, ROWE presents a technological quantum jump in wide-format scanning. Many of these innovations are protected by patent. Start of production for this ‘Made in Germany’ scanner is July 2017. For this ROWE has, amongst other things, been awarded one of the most important prizes for innovative product development by an independent expert jury, the TOP 100 Innovator Award.

A worldwide first: ROWE SAFE GUARD

One of the worldwide firsts is ROWE SAFE GUARD; media transport technology for optimal protection of documents. This is an important innovation for all customers, who want to digitize valuable or old, already damaged documents. These documents are protected in the best possible way with ROWE SAFE GUARD. ROWE SAFE GUARD goes even further: even extremely wavy originals e.g. rolled banners are safely transported and scanned. The user can also, if necessary, activate ROWE SAFE DRIVE and reduce the speed. The result: the ROWE Scan 850i is the best bodyguard for all documents.

Simply brilliant: scan once for perfect results with the ROWE DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM

After scanning the user can easily adjust brightness, contrast or color for example, without rescanning the document. All changes will be immediately displayed in the viewer. This is optimal protection for the documents and saves time.

Automatic height adjustment up to 1.18” (30 mm), scan widths up to 60” (1524 mm)
The ROWE Scan 850i can even scan originals up to 30 mm – a wish expressed many times by users. The electrically powered height adjustment operates fully automatically at the push of a button.

6 models from 44” to 60” scan width – something for every customer
ROWE Scan 850i 44”
ROWE Scan 850i 44” automatic height adjustment up to 30 mm
ROWE Scan 850i 55”
ROWE Scan 850i 55” automatic height adjustment up to 30 mm
ROWE Scan 850i 60”
ROWE Scan 850i 60” automatic height adjustment up to 30 mm

Completely in line with the modularity typical for ROWE, all ROWE Scan 850i with 55” scan widths can be upgraded to 60” on site.

New level of scan quality – patented

With an optical resolution of 2.400 x 1.200 dpi and the worldwide unique patented technology ROWE SCAN MATRIX PLUS the ROWE Scan 850i promises a scan quality unmatched in the market.

Also immediately available as MFP solution with 44” scan width

With the ROWE Scan 850i MFP all standard wide format printers become future-proof solutions for scanning, printing and copying in the smallest space.
Most productive scanner – with SuperSpeed USB 3 as standard

Automatic width recognition “On the fly” (patented)

Dynamic width recognition (patented)

Only ROWE combines ROWE EFFICIENT SCANNING (RES) with SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The result: maximum productivity.

ROWE has also eliminated the annoying forward and backward movement for recognition of the document width. “On the fly“, means that during the scanning process the precise width of the document is detected. Thanks to the dynamic recognition the ROWE Scan 850i registers the correct width of the original even when it has damaged or torn corners.

ROWE ScanCloud is standard

The ROWE Scan 850i is as standard compatible with all common cloud providers, e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox, Aplle iCloud, Amazon Cloud, Google Drive, MagentaCloud etc.
Comprehensive selection of file formats

The ROWE Scan 850i processes all scans in many file formats PDF, PDF/A, multi-page-PDF, multi-page-TIFF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, JPEG 2000, DWF, CALS.
Full automation of your workflow

A variety of functions can be grouped under the 6 Hot Keys on the operating panel – according to customer requirements –, and called up at the touch of a button.
ROWE ScanManager

Customers can select their optimal solution from the 5 versions of the ROWE ScanManager. This results in the perfect link between scanner, digital storage, digital application and the customer’s wide format printers.

Low cost thanks to minimal scan glass wear

Due to ROWE SAFE DRIVE the life-cycle of the scan glass of the ROWE Scan 850i is up to 500% longer than with conventional scanners.

New GDPR legislation for UK businesses

UK GDPR Legislation Changes

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in May 2018, private information that isn’t destroyed correctly, or stored securely, could lead to UK businesses being fined a substantial £20million per breach.

With such huge financial penalties in play, it is vital that sensitive information audits are conducted by businesses who handle personal data.

A recent survey, conducted by office product specialist Fellowes, highlighted that employees are not taking data protection seriously despite the financial risks to their employers.

According to the study, 20 per cent of UK office workers never shred documents, with 40% of employees admitting they often throw client data straight into the bin.

A further 27 per cent of people admitted to having left confidential papers in fax machines, photocopiers and scanners. Whilst one in ten confessed to leaving confidential papers from meeting rooms or desktops.

Darryl Brunt, UK Sales and Marketing Director at Fellowes comments: “Despite the impending GDPR deadline, our research shows that many companies don’t appear to have systems and policies in place to protect sensitive information.”

He added: “It’s essential for businesses to have robust procedures in place to protect personal and confidential documents – including the secure shredding of obsolete sensitive paperwork.”

The statistics, which will concern employers across the UK, pose significant risks to client data breaches in an environment with a growing threat from fraud, misappropriation of confidential data and security leaks.

In the past year alone, there have been a number of cases were sensitive information has been found in public areas. For example, in October this year confidential child protection documents were found ‘blowing around’ a street in Leicester. There was also a case when private police documents were found in a park in Bath.

With new GDPR legislation looming, a sensitive information audit could prevent serious data breaches like these.

An audit should look at the best ways to manage records, protect sensitive information and destroy confidential documents. It also needs to assess the efficiency of your existing data protection protocols and identify any cost savings that can be made.

Simple steps to safeguard data ahead of new GDPR

Set up an audit team: Having a dedicated GDPR team within an organisation is something that some companies have already introduced. Bringing together heads of department can ensure new data policies trickle down to employees in different areas of the business

Train and re-train staff on data protection: Make sure all your employees are fully up-to-date with data protection laws ahead of new GDPR

Shred any documents you don’t need: Ensure all employees have access to shredders so all confidential paper waste – from sales figures to CVs – are destroyed properly

Add signs to common areas: Add signage to shared workspaces and send weekly update emails to remote-workers highlighting GDPR risk.

Don’t leave documents behind: Remember to check for any documents you might have left behind after working in public places.

Fellowes, which is celebrating 100 years in the office product industry, helps to protect customers and their clients with innovative office solutions including paper shredders, the first line of defence against data theft, as well as PrivaScreen™ blackout privacy filters which prevent prying eyes from reading your screen.

Xerox – A Top 100 Global Leader

Digital Office a Xerox Partner

Thomson Reuters recognises organisations for innovation, people, corporate social responsibility and environmental considerations.
For the 6th time since 2011, Xerox has been recognised as a Top 100 Global Tech Leader by Thomson Reuters. Xerox were commended for leadership in patent generation, CSR and environmental impact.

“The companies on our Top 100 list are solving world problems in some way, shape or form, using one or more emerging technologies,” said Alex Paladino, global managing director for Thomson Reuters Technology Practice Group. “They not only have the big ideas, but the wherewithal to achieve them.”

Thomson Reuters selected the Top 100 by assessing 5,000 tech companies worldwide with a new algorithm to audit financial performance, management and investor confidence, risk and resilience, legal compliance, innovation, people and social responsibility, environmental impact, and reputation.

“Xerox has a storied history of innovating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner,” said Steve Hoover, chief technology officer of Xerox. “Today we are on the cusp of a set of radical changes where technology at the intersection of the physical and the digital can make a huge difference in how work gets done.”

Research and development operations at the Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC), the Xerox Research Centre of Canada and the Wilson Centre for Research and Technology are constantly at work defining and developing the next generation of the digital workplace, workflow automation and printing beyond documents. Last year, the company launched its ConnectKey platform – turning printers and multifunction devices into smart, connected workplace assistants. A network of app developers has partnered with Xerox to design printer apps meant to streamline and automate everyday office tasks.

Canon launch imagePROGRAF TX Series

Canon launchs imagePROGRAF TX Series to satisfy needs in high-end CAD and entry – level plotter markets

Canon a leader in imaging solutions has launched a completely new line of large format inkjet printers: the imagePROGRAF TX-2000, TX-3000 and TX-4000, available in 24-inch, 36-inch and 44-inch sizes. These new devices offer productivity, usability and security along with impressive print quality and low running cost, making it ideal for both high end CAD inkjet market and entry level LED plotter market. The series also includes an MFP solution, imagePROGRAF TX-3000MFP T36 and TX-4000MFP T36, equipped with fast scanning and newly developed LUCIA TD pigment ink. With updates to all core technologies including the ink system, print head and mechanical platform, the new imagePROGRAF TX series printers are perfect for all customers looking for high-production, high-quality printing in colour and competitive speeds

Superior print quality with every sheet

The newly developed LUCIA TD ink produces fine lines, sharp text and vibrant colours, making it perfect for high-precision CAD drawings and posters alike. Specifically formulated for weather resistance, including water resistance, printed drawings can be viewed at outdoor construction or engineering sites, in long-term storage and on outdoor posters. Thanks to superb colour reproduction even on plain paper, ink performance exceeds the needs for poster quality on both coated and uncoated paper.

Duncan Smith, Director of Industrial and Production Solutions at Canon UK, states: “The world of print continues to change and Canon is pioneering in the industry to ensure we’re delivering against the changing needs of our customers. Where previously, CAD drawings were printed in centres using LED plotters, today, many offices or construction sites require their own inkjet printers to produce drawings on demand. In response to this, we’ve designed a high performance, high-speed inkjet that’s ideally suited to replace entry-level LED plotters that comes with a host of other advantages such as colour printing, low TCO as well as unbeatable quality and sharpness.”

Game changing productivity

All models in the imagePROGRAF TX series, including the 36-inch, can be expanded with two rolls. The optional dual-roll system enables high-volume printing from two rolls of the same kind, or hassle-free switching between different media types to meet various printing needs. The imagePROGRAF TX series also accepts rolls up to 170mm in diameter, with the lower unit equipped with a multifunction roll system, enabling users to take advantage of the continuous output and rewinding printouts on rolls. A new high-capacity stacker also offers holding room for 100 A0 sheets, and can be easily folded up to save space when not in use.
The series includes an MFP solution equipped with a 36 inch Colortrac scanner. The scanner features a generous 15.6-inch touchscreen panel, streamlined structure, integrated design and SmartWorks MFP version 5 with customisable menus and buttons. The new copy and archive mode improves productivity and makes it ideal for supporting office workflows, whatever the printing environment. The intuitive UI, straightforward roll loading and direct printing from USB flash drives offer optimum usability.

Powerful and secure printing

With a powerful L-COA PRO high-speed image processor, even data-heavy HP-GL/2 files such as electrical CAD drawings with intricate lines can be processed quickly. In addition, newly added disk encryption, protocol locking and secure data transmission makes the imagePROGRAF TX series devices some of the most robust on the market, with measures such as SNMPv3 and IPSec support to prevent leaks and intrusions.

Smith concludes: “The newest line-up of products has advanced features to expand into higher-volume print markets, in a compact model, suitable for any office size. The imagePROGRAF TX Series is dedicated to a high balance between print quality, speed and productivity, alongside other enhancements such as more reliable security. Fast printing, high-precision, usability and compatibility with CAD systems are fundamental requirements for both users of high-end inkjets and entry-level LED plotters. We’re looking forward to launching our new product line-up this year. ”

The new imagePROGRAF TX series and their MFPs will be available across EMEA from early December 2017